Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.18.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-8905] - Cannot add CSV Store
  • [GEOS-9726] - External Legend Graphic reported size incorrect in WMS
  • [GEOS-9834] - GetLegendGraphic results in java.lang.NegativeArraySizeException or OutOfMemory
  • [GEOS-9869] - Trying to logout from a non bookmarkable page results in a 404
  • [GEOS-9880] - Monitor plugin throws NPE when maxSize is set to unbound
  • [GEOS-9881] - SldService throws IndexOutOfBoundException when percentages and continuous parameters are both set to true
  • [GEOS-9893] - Integration test AppSchema without IdExpression and startIndex param
  • [GEOS-9895] - Override transformation operations are ignored for bounding box computation
  • [GEOS-9898] - Restore process rewrites always a new Workspace and Namespace ID
  • [GEOS-9909] - Geofence spatialFilterType and CRS in allowed area not included in restOutput
  • [GEOS-9911] - Params-extractor plugin, wrong url in getCapabilities when having context with addition "/"
  • [GEOS-9932] - WCSDimensionSubsetHelper splitting requests has time values in nondeterministic order.
  • [GEOS-9945] - WCSNetCDFMosaicTest getTime test is timezone dependent
  • [GEOS-9948] - Backup and Restore replaces not involved layers IDs breaking GWC layers
  • [GEOS-9963] - Missing JARs in the packaging of geopackage community module
  • [GEOS-9982] - DownloadAnimation process can lead to OOM
  • [GEOS-9985] - Impossible to configure a WMS cascading layer with JDBCConfig
  • [GEOS-9986] - Reformat pom.xml files using sortpom
  • [GEOS-9991] - WCS 2.0 slicing on lat/lon coordinates sometime returns adjacent pixel.
  • [GEOS-10002] - Update url for Inspire Schemas in gs-inspire extension
  • [GEOS-10005] - Restore makes a merge of the current in-memory catalog with the restored one when BK_PURGE_RESOURCES flag is in use
  • [GEOS-10014] - Layers with dimensions are missing on WMS GetCapabilites output when catalog security is set to Challenge
  • [GEOS-10016] - App-Schema-core module is not included on App-Schema zip release distribution

New Feature

  • [GEOS-9817] - Add LayerGroup support to Geofence
  • [GEOS-9984] - ColorMap labels in raster layer GetFeatureInfo response
  • [GEOS-10010] - New web-service-auth community module


  • [GEOS-9872] - COG Community module doc: Add a sample of ImageMosaic configured on top of COG datasets
  • [GEOS-9884] - Update Spring to v5.1.20.RELEASE and Spring security to 5.1.13.RELEASE
  • [GEOS-9897] - JTS upgrade breaks geofence integration


  • [GEOS-9879] - Integration test for AppSchema count query
  • [GEOS-9894] - Add GeoServer environment parametrization support to Base Proxy configuration
  • [GEOS-9920] - Log style name when failing to load a style from the data directory
  • [GEOS-9921] - Include layer name(s) in WMS ServiceException for GetMap
  • [GEOS-9922] - include Db2 JDBC driver dependency
  • [GEOS-9931] - Upgrade Freemarker to 2.3.31
  • [GEOS-9934] - Update JDBC drivers: Oracle (to

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