Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.20-RC - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4939] - Coordinate system ISSUE - S-JTSK Krovak East North (EPSG: 5514) - Can´t be set up
  • [GEOS-8905] - Cannot add CSV Store
  • [GEOS-9726] - External Legend Graphic reported size incorrect in WMS
  • [GEOS-9966] - Update CSS + AppSchema release modules to include LGPL
  • [GEOS-9986] - Reformat pom.xml files using sortpom
  • [GEOS-10002] - Update url for Inspire Schemas in gs-inspire extension
  • [GEOS-10005] - Restore makes a merge of the current in-memory catalog with the restored one when BK_PURGE_RESOURCES flag is in use
  • [GEOS-10013] - Mark invalid error while validating or saving a Style
  • [GEOS-10014] - Layers with dimensions are missing on WMS GetCapabilites output when catalog security is set to Challenge
  • [GEOS-10016] - App-Schema-core module is not included on App-Schema zip release distribution
  • [GEOS-10020] - Test for GEOT-6871 and increase test coverage for NumberMatched in wfs when using AppSchema

New Feature

  • [GEOS-9968] - Contribute new community Smart Data Loader
  • [GEOS-9974] - Additional fields in TileJson: tilejson,description,format,layers' min and max zoom level
  • [GEOS-9981] - New schemaless-features community module
  • [GEOS-9984] - ColorMap labels in raster layer GetFeatureInfo response
  • [GEOS-10010] - New web-service-auth community module
  • [GEOS-10012] - Support inclusion vendor options to disable Style elements when rendering legends


  • [GEOS-9942] - Remove dependency on xpp3, use the standard StAX API
  • [GEOS-9943] - Remove dependency on jdom, use standard XML APIs
  • [GEOS-9955] - Upgrade flatgeobuf to 3.10.1
  • [GEOS-9973] - Update GS main version (2.20-SNAPSHOT) to depend on GWC latest version (1.20-SNAPSHOT)
  • [GEOS-9983] - Sanitize transitive dependencies coming from root pom
  • [GEOS-9994] - New community module: gs-rest-openapi-java-client
  • [GEOS-10001] - Remove animator and animated GIF support from WMS


  • [GEOS-9907] - Enable usage of labelPoint function in GetFeatureInfo requests
  • [GEOS-9944] - Revise generated filenames, extension, and format_option
  • [GEOS-9952] - Remove the ArcSDE community module
  • [GEOS-9956] - Fix "Class is a raw type" compile warnings and add a QA rule to enforce it
  • [GEOS-9957] - Add missing @Override annotations and set up a QA rule to enforce it
  • [GEOS-9958] - Add a PMD ruleset to avoid Exception#PrintStackTrace() usage
  • [GEOS-9960] - Replace references to the "master" branch by "main"
  • [GEOS-9967] - Add Module Status implementation for CSW Extension
  • [GEOS-9976] - Use short arrays initializers, add PMD rule to enforce it
  • [GEOS-9987] - Avoid C style array declarations, add Checkstyle check to disallow it
  • [GEOS-10017] - Depend on gt-flatgeobuf instead of flatgeobuf
  • [GEOS-10018] - Improve parametrs extractor log
  • [GEOS-10019] - Improve parameters extractor log

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