Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.19.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4764] - Using "temp" workspace breaks WCS 1.1.1
  • [GEOS-8905] - Cannot add CSV Store
  • [GEOS-9748] - Rendering process fails if vendor option sortByGroup is used
  • [GEOS-9982] - DownloadAnimation process can lead to OOM
  • [GEOS-9985] - Impossible to configure a WMS cascading layer with JDBCConfig
  • [GEOS-9986] - Reformat pom.xml files using sortpom
  • [GEOS-9991] - WCS 2.0 slicing on lat/lon coordinates sometime returns adjacent pixel.
  • [GEOS-10002] - Update INSPIRE Schemas URL to HTTPS location
  • [GEOS-10005] - Restore makes a merge of the current in-memory catalog with the restored one when BK_PURGE_RESOURCES flag is in use
  • [GEOS-10011] - WMTS Multidimensional GetHistogram fails to compute against a DATE PostgreSQL field
  • [GEOS-10014] - Layers with dimensions are missing on WMS GetCapabilites output when catalog security is set to Challenge
  • [GEOS-10016] - App-Schema-core module is not included on App-Schema zip release distribution
  • [GEOS-10020] - Test for GEOT-6871 and increase test coverage for NumberMatched in wfs when using AppSchema
  • [GEOS-10027] - CoverageReaderFileConverter fails to convert valid input file path or url
  • [GEOS-10031] - GWC loses GridSets bounds when importing data through the Importer plugin.
  • [GEOS-10040] - Bump commons-io from 2.6 to 2.8.0
  • [GEOS-10048] - Schemaless-features mongoDB layer not present in WMS capabilities
  • [GEOS-10049] - Schemaless-features layer with name different from the mongo collection throws exception
  • [GEOS-10051] - Fix edge cases in the elevation parser
  • [GEOS-10055] - Escape SRS demo page user input
  • [GEOS-10056] - Rename schemaless-mongo plug-in to mongodb-schemaless
  • [GEOS-10057] - Escape style editor page user input
  • [GEOS-10061] - GeoFence-Server-NPE is thrown when directly accessing layer contained in a workspace group
  • [GEOS-10062] - LayerCache CatalogLinester might not be attached to the catalog at startup

New Feature

  • [GEOS-9984] - ColorMap labels in raster layer GetFeatureInfo response
  • [GEOS-10010] - New HTTP Based Authorization community module
  • [GEOS-10012] - Support inclusion vendor options to disable Style elements when rendering legends


  • [GEOS-8678] - WFS 2.0 capabilities document does not declare spatial filter support beyond bbox
  • [GEOS-10019] - Improve parameters extractor log
  • [GEOS-10028] - Allow to customize ComplexGeoJsonWriter encoding of nested element and non mandatory attributes
  • [GEOS-10030] - SLDService add a checks on max unique values for uniqueInterval classification vector data
  • [GEOS-10041] - Add DB index to OSEO community module schema

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