Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.19.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-9937] - Name of styles with colons are incorrect in REST API
  • [GEOS-10072] - WMS dimension default values and nearest match can pollute caches (in GWC and beyond)
  • [GEOS-10132] - Deadlock at org.geotools.xsd.XSD.getSchema
  • [GEOS-10133] - Connecting to WMS Service via Http Proxy
  • [GEOS-10158] - POST request -> j_spring_security_check is in http plain even if proxy base url is in https
  • [GEOS-10161] - Smart data loader missing PostgreSQL type in DomainModelBuilder
  • [GEOS-10162] - GeoServerOAuthAuthenticationFilter creates Anonymous authentication when preAuthenticated principal is not present
  • [GEOS-10173] - CoverageViewReader's format not being secured with Geofence-Geoserver
  • [GEOS-10188] - Features templating when deleting a templateInfo all the template contents will be deleted
  • [GEOS-10193] - Indirect imports will drop the target table if there is any failure during the import process
  • [GEOS-10198] - Features Templating - TemplateRuleService save rule bug
  • [GEOS-10200] - GetLegendGraphic can fail if SCALE removes all rules
  • [GEOS-10208] - Broken link in DDS/BIL community plugin documentation
  • [GEOS-10213] - WMS requests fail on LayerGroup default style names, when used in GetMap/GetFeatureInfo/GetLegendGraphics
  • [GEOS-10215] - Layers nested inside a group maintain their prefix even in workspace specific services
  • [GEOS-10227] - Features Templating - Included templates are not reloaded on file modifications
  • [GEOS-10243] - OSHI may generate high CPU load on Windows
  • [GEOS-10266] - Features Templating makes getfeatureinfo fail for raster data
  • [GEOS-10273] - GeofenceAccesManager throws index out of bound when requesting nested layerGroups
  • [GEOS-10277] - Add a special keyword for semi-colon as a CSV Separator in WFS request
  • [GEOS-10352] - GetMap clip vendor does not always return fully transparent images outside of clip

New Feature

  • [GEOS-10063] - Add XML templating support to features-templating community plug-in
  • [GEOS-10118] - Features templating add include directive in xml templates
  • [GEOS-10153] - Features templating UI
  • [GEOS-10154] - Feature templating - Add HTML template support
  • [GEOS-10165] - Features templating add Rest API
  • [GEOS-10166] - Features templating - Add CQL profile field in template rule UI
  • [GEOS-10217] - Features templating add GetFeatureInfo support


  • [GEOS-10349] - Add gitattributes to GeoServer sources


  • [GEOS-10080] - Features-templating allows the possibility to reference domain attribute in templates
  • [GEOS-10081] - Features-templating allow the encoding of xml attribute in nodes encoded from a Static or Dynamic builder
  • [GEOS-10119] - Features templating add managed support and allow simplified templates structure
  • [GEOS-10172] - Add support for GeoPackage output in WPS download
  • [GEOS-10194] - Improve importer LOGGING
  • [GEOS-10265] - WFS-T Bulk Transaction optimization

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