Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.19.4 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-10249] - GWC produce NPE when it comes to race condition
  • [GEOS-10281] - GeoServer log level not picked up with Catalog reload
  • [GEOS-10289] - GeoServer busy for 1 hour on reloading a 50000 shapefiles Directory datastore
  • [GEOS-10292] - Changing worker pool size in raster access is not actually applied (silent error)
  • [GEOS-10299] - The reprojection console does not work with AUTO codes
  • [GEOS-10300] - The map preview logs errors when using AUTO codes
  • [GEOS-10322] - JDBCConfig community module does not deal with stale connections to the database
  • [GEOS-10337] - Harden importer against failed imports, make failures more evident
  • [GEOS-10362] - Username remains in roles.xml after user removal operation


  • [GEOS-10268] - Null Support in Features Templating
  • [GEOS-10269] - Overriding JSON Object while Merging Feature Templates
  • [GEOS-10335] - Update GeoServer to a log4j version that does not support RCEs
  • [GEOS-10372] - Geopackage Integration Tests Support for Appschema


  • [GEOS-9904] - GeoFence backend DBMS dependencies
  • [GEOS-10314] - Features Templating - allow specifying root @type in the JSON-LD output and a different name for features array
  • [GEOS-10315] - Features Templating - Allow injecting JSON-LD output in HTML
  • [GEOS-10321] - WCS 2.0 might fail to return coverages whose native BBOX goes slighly outside of the dateline
  • [GEOS-10328] - Expire completed and stale importer contexts

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