Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.20.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-9770] - Cascading WMS server sets invalid I and J when using EPSG:3006 on GetFeatureInfo calls
  • [GEOS-9785] - Invalid argument type=null when trying to use gs:Download WPS identifier
  • [GEOS-10066] - CSS ArrayList class cast exception in layer rendering
  • [GEOS-10316] - Regression in 2.20.x: Unable to specify JAVA_OPTS for
  • [GEOS-10336] - INSPIRE failure: version not propagated in GetCapabilities LegendURL
  • [GEOS-10362] - Username remains in roles.xml after user removal operation
  • [GEOS-10373] - GetTimeSeries does not work on source data with time ranges
  • [GEOS-10377] - Layers and Layer Groups get default abstract in capabilities document when none set in configuration.
  • [GEOS-10379] - WCS 2.0 requested ScaleSize not being respected when crossing the dateline
  • [GEOS-10380] - Features Templating - IncludeFlat directive for dynamic inclusion not properly working


  • [GEOS-10372] - Geopackage Integration Tests Support for Appschema
  • [GEOS-10384] - Change GetMap to URIKvpParser


  • [GEOS-10366] - Improve ncWMS GetTimeSeries perfomance by paralellizing computation
  • [GEOS-10367] - Allow GetTimeSeries to have a maximum times limit separate than WMS max dimensions
  • [GEOS-10389] - Introduce ENTITY_RESOLUTION_ALLOWLIST to further restrict entity resolver

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