Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.20.5 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-10430] - Rest API fails for WMS Store
  • [GEOS-10432] - Missing dependency in Backup/Restore plugin assembly
  • [GEOS-10448] - GetTimeSeries does not limit number of dates when using a time range request (without period)
  • [GEOS-10454] - Make LanguageUrl mangler using rawKvp instead of HttpServletRequest params
  • [GEOS-10459] - GeoServer does not start when OGC API module is deployed along on 2.20.x
  • [GEOS-10461] - 2.20.x GeoServer startup failure with 503 error after adding COG plugin
  • [GEOS-10474] - OpenID Connect fails with error "Provider for cannot be found"
  • [GEOS-10475] - OpenID plugin - Support response_mode param
  • [GEOS-10477] - SLD - Validation error on Normalize-node
  • [GEOS-10482] - The CreateIndexer NetCDF tool does not work due to missing dependency (Jaxen)
  • [GEOS-10483] - Improve documentation on how to setup a mosaic of NetCDF files
  • [GEOS-10486] - OGC API - Features - Date and Time fields are labeled with date-time in Queryables response
  • [GEOS-10488] - OpenId Connect - include spring jwt jar in release package
  • [GEOS-10496] - Using the REST API to purge NetCDF granules causes a seemingly infinite loop
  • [GEOS-10502] - GML3 output is not pretty printed when pretty print is turned on in global settings.
  • [GEOS-10519] - Sphinx build failure with extlinks (new warnings in Sphinx build)
  • [GEOS-10526] - Parallel REST API calls failures
  • [GEOS-10534] - a badly formed delete transaction will get a NPE instead of an informative error message
  • [GEOS-10535] - WFS Update request throw NPE on bad namespace
  • [GEOS-10545] - Layer Group cache not initialized
  • [GEOS-10546] - Invalid time expressions used in WCS 2.0 subset return a code 200 with generic exception
  • [GEOS-10548] - GeoFence layer group handling is inconsistent
  • [GEOS-10563] - XStream persister serializer exception on JMS clustering messages exchange

New Feature

  • [GEOS-4613] - Expose more JVM statistics on the web gui
  • [GEOS-10542] - Use headers for proxy URL on workspace level



  • [GEOS-10420] - GeoFence group list is too limiting, add '*' to match any role
  • [GEOS-10431] - Add WPS setting to disable remote complex inputs
  • [GEOS-10443] - Graduate kml-ppio community module to wps extension
  • [GEOS-10444] - Support UpdateMode.REPLACE on raster stores too
  • [GEOS-10469] - Make the request logger configurable from the UI
  • [GEOS-10471] - WMTS MultiDim - Support also endAttribute
  • [GEOS-10495] - Request Logger Memory Buffer Limits
  • [GEOS-10555] - OpenID Filter - Add possibility to configure sending of client secret in token response

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