Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.22-RC - HTML format


  • [GEOS-10430] - Rest API fails for WMS Store
  • [GEOS-10486] - OGC API - Features - Date and Time fields are labeled with date-time in Queryables response
  • [GEOS-10488] - OpenId Connect - include spring jwt jar in release package
  • [GEOS-10492] - GeoFence InternalServer - InternalUserResolver unnecessarily reload Roles from services
  • [GEOS-10502] - GML3 output is not pretty printed when pretty print is turned on in global settings.


  • [GEOS-10495] - Request Logger Memory Buffer Limits
  • [GEOS-10501] - GetMap: support auth headers forwarding to remote SLD urls
  • [GEOS-10514] - Better capture catalog configuration issues: layergroup with a misconfigured layer

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