Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.21.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-10468] - (virtually) Impossible to turn off "Enable All Statistics" in > Server status > System Status
  • [GEOS-10486] - OGC API - Features - Date and Time fields are labeled with date-time in Queryables response
  • [GEOS-10487] - Custom logging configuration not respecting log location setting
  • [GEOS-10496] - Using the REST API to purge NetCDF granules causes a seemingly infinite loop
  • [GEOS-10516] - WMS GetCapabilities dimension representations ignores the end attribute
  • [GEOS-10518] - Partial RELINQUISH_LOG4J_CONTROL regression with WildFly
  • [GEOS-10519] - Sphinx build failure with extlinks (new warnings in Sphinx build)
  • [GEOS-10522] - REST API Failure in @ExceptionHandler No input String specified
  • [GEOS-10526] - Parallel REST API calls failures
  • [GEOS-10533] - Review startup logging INFO and WARN updates
  • [GEOS-10534] - a badly formed delete transaction will get a NPE instead of an informative error message
  • [GEOS-10535] - WFS Update request throw NPE on bad namespace
  • [GEOS-10539] - DescribeLayer typeName is no longer workspace qualified
  • [GEOS-10545] - Layer Group cache not initialized
  • [GEOS-10546] - Invalid time expressions used in WCS 2.0 subset return a code 200 with generic exception
  • [GEOS-10548] - GeoFence layer group handling is inconsistent
  • [GEOS-10553] - Importer replace fails with schema mismatch
  • [GEOS-10563] - XStream persister serializer exception on JMS clustering messages exchange
  • [GEOS-10567] - Fix module modularity for OpenIdConnect and oauth2-core
  • [GEOS-10570] - Deleting a style in a Hazelcast cluster renames the styles directory
  • [GEOS-10578] - Add support for backing up and restoring WMS and WMTS
  • [GEOS-10584] - Enabling logging of request body results in stream closed errors in tomcat environment

New Feature

  • [GEOS-4613] - Expose more JVM statistics on the web gui
  • [GEOS-10542] - Use headers for proxy URL on workspace level


  • [GEOS-10525] - Centralize and simplify management of common test dependencies
  • [GEOS-10529] - Use Awaitility to replace waits for condition in tests
  • [GEOS-10532] - FreemarkerTemplateManager API changes for easier subclassing
  • [GEOS-10551] - Refactor commons-httpclient usage in the WPS module
  • [GEOS-10562] - Bump oshi-core from 5.8.6 to 6.2.0
  • [GEOS-10579] - Bump oshi-core from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1
  • [GEOS-10585] - Upgrade to Jetty from 9.4.44 to 9.4.48
  • [GEOS-10588] - Build structure gs-sec-oauth2-core is duplicated in the reactor


  • [GEOS-10464] - Improve logging and check for NPEs and other issues in Importer Module
  • [GEOS-10489] - Add options to LDAP Role Service to configure prefixes and enforce capitalization
  • [GEOS-10495] - Request Logger Memory Buffer Limits
  • [GEOS-10501] - GetMap: support auth headers forwarding to remote SLD urls
  • [GEOS-10514] - Better capture catalog configuration issues: layergroup with a misconfigured layer
  • [GEOS-10521] - Allow GetFeatureInfo over raster layers to identify both original raster and transformed vectors
  • [GEOS-10536] - OAUTH2 Open ID Connect Community module - doesn't support keycloak
  • [GEOS-10555] - OpenID Filter - Add possibility to configure sending of client secret in token response
  • [GEOS-10580] - Server status page improvements for status, modules and docs

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