Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 14-M0 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-4547] - MultithreadedHttpClient doesn't support nonProxyHosts
  • [GEOT-5016] - GeoTools Logging cannot startup in an environment without JAI
  • [GEOT-5053] - DuplicatingStyleVisitor does not duplicate FeatureTypeStyleImpl correctly
  • [GEOT-5054] - Error painting LegendGraphic with negative scale
  • [GEOT-5056] - Mosaic issue when reprojecting a GridCoverage
  • [GEOT-5063] - Crop operation fails to render ROI correctly in openJDK7
  • [GEOT-5071] - GeoTiffReader unable to parse CRS definition with undefined unit of measure definition
  • [GEOT-5098] - Primary Key Lookup fails for Oracle tables with underscores in their name
  • [GEOT-5100] - Add read only curves support to PostGIS data store
  • [GEOT-5102] - Decimator can eliminate bits of geometry collections and replace them with copies of others
  • [GEOT-5103] - harvesting sometime doesn't work after empty mosaic creation
  • [GEOT-5108] - Allow specifying a GeometryFactory (eventually curved) in GMLConfiguration
  • [GEOT-5111] - Add a WKTWriter2 class to encode curved geometries in SQL/MM WKT
  • [GEOT-5113] - NPE thrown when FeatureTypeList has no Operations element
  • [GEOT-5124] - ImageMosaic: setup palette on sampleImage load

New Feature

  • [GEOT-4954] - Patch for sinusoidal projection support
  • [GEOT-5086] - Add gnomonic projection and AUTO:97001 to drive it from wms
  • [GEOT-5087] - AUTO:97002 WMS projection exposing stereographic over sphere
  • [GEOT-5104] - Add explicit support for curve polygon and collections of curve polygons
  • [GEOT-5112] - Add write support for curves in Postgis data store
  • [GEOT-5119] - Filter function to fetch a feature's default geometry
  • [GEOT-5126] - Allow extshape://arrow to receive parameters to specify its proportions


  • [GEOT-5061] - Integrate JAI-EXT into GeoTools


  • [GEOT-5037] - XSAnyTypeBinding should be able to encode objects that are not ComplexAttribute
  • [GEOT-5052] - Add CQL expressions support in ColorMap entry attributes (quantity, color, ...)
  • [GEOT-5064] - Add support for by layer interpolation methods to StreamingRenderer
  • [GEOT-5082] - Speed up simple feature GML encoding with XSD-GML
  • [GEOT-5085] - Faster WFS queries against SDE on Oracle
  • [GEOT-5091] - Have GeoTiff reader open tiff files with GCPs and report about them
  • [GEOT-5116] - upgrade dependencies for 14-M0 release
  • [GEOT-5122] - Add a projection handler for WorldVanDerGrintenI


  • [GEOT-4350] - Renderer 2D 3D Bridge results in non-invertable transform exception


  • [GEOT-22] - replace use of vecmath with an open alternative

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