Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 13.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5053] - DuplicatingStyleVisitor does not duplicate FeatureTypeStyleImpl correctly
  • [GEOT-5056] - Mosaic issue when reprojecting a GridCoverage
  • [GEOT-5057] - WMS cascading reader can "leak" native memory and bring to OOM
  • [GEOT-5063] - Crop operation fails to render ROI correctly in openJDK7
  • [GEOT-5068] - ECQL cannot parse a quoted attribute comparison, e.g., "a"="b"
  • [GEOT-5069] - Oracle compound curve support incomplete
  • [GEOT-5071] - GeoTiffReader unable to parse CRS definition with undefined unit of measure definition
  • [GEOT-5074] - Issue in advanced projection handling for geometries crossing over the opposite end of a lambert conf conic
  • [GEOT-5076] - Make ProjectionHanlder valid area cutting more robust against topology exceptions
  • [GEOT-5088] - CRS.transform(Envelope) might throw InvalidArgumentException if assertions are enabled
  • [GEOT-5094] - ClipProcess can return features with empty geometries (should skip them)
  • [GEOT-5102] - Decimator can eliminate bits of geometry collections and replace them with copies of others
  • [GEOT-5103] - harvesting sometime doesn't work after empty mosaic creation
  • [GEOT-5107] - FeatureJSON creates, but fails to close it
  • [GEOT-5117] - Postgis store can return the wrong feature id for sequence generated ids
  • [GEOT-5121] - GeoTiff and WorldImage readers report incorrect geographic boundind box when reading overviews
  • [GEOT-5123] - MetadataTablePrimaryKeyFinder can leave the db connection in an unusable state if the pool returns non autocommit connections


  • [GEOT-5050] - Deprecate Views Management classes


  • [GEOT-5052] - Add CQL expressions support in ColorMap entry attributes (quantity, color, ...)
  • [GEOT-5064] - Add support for by layer interpolation methods to StreamingRenderer
  • [GEOT-5089] - Relax WorldImage reader checks and allow to read an image without grid to world transform

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