Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 14-M1 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-704] - TableScan prevention - Use the Metadata
  • [GEOT-4910] - Parsing WFS 2.0.0 GetCapabilities response fails
  • [GEOT-5047] - Make sure we have stable date/time literal conversion to sql
  • [GEOT-5090] - Exception trying to extract data from a portion of a mosaic with a hole
  • [GEOT-5120] - Avoid querying areas on the other side of the dateline, when possible and wrapping is disabled
  • [GEOT-5129] - Make Transaction AutoClosable
  • [GEOT-5139] - CSV datastore won't honor the configured namespace URI
  • [GEOT-5147] - Raster to vector transformation with re-projection using NetCDF as data store
  • [GEOT-5152] - Allow creation of a image mosaic from a existing dbms table
  • [GEOT-5154] - Jenks Natural Breaks Classifier leaves FeatureReaders open
  • [GEOT-5155] - Clarify license of GridCoverage2DRIA.computeRect method
  • [GEOT-5157] - PostGIS store can add extra points to curved geometries with straight line rings
  • [GEOT-5161] - Properly handle InputTransparentColor when dealing with Holes in mosaics
  • [GEOT-5164] - SOLR data store bbox support works only under english locale
  • [GEOT-5165] - MongoDB datastore: attribute names should not contain dot nor colon characters

New Feature

  • [GEOT-4908] - Add support for WFS 2.0.0 to the wfs-ng plugin


  • [GEOT-4147] - ComplexFeature Parsing & Building Support


  • [GEOT-4856] - Update NetCDF version to 4.3.21
  • [GEOT-5067] - Support additional projections from NetCDF (GRIB) input datasets
  • [GEOT-5080] - Better resilience on NetCDF SPI.canDecode
  • [GEOT-5127] - Allow ImageMosaic dataStore wrapping for PostGIS based granules catalog
  • [GEOT-5142] - Shapefile datastore support for removeSchema
  • [GEOT-5144] - Add more supported "units" to NetCDF time parser
  • [GEOT-5171] - Report the joined feature type as a user data of the joined attribute

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