Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 13.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5139] - CSV datastore won't honor the configured namespace URI
  • [GEOT-5162] - LabelCacheImpl can throw Null Pointer exception when rendering to Batik graphic
  • [GEOT-5169] - ProjectionHandler eats vertical and horizontal lines spanning beyond the projection valid area
  • [GEOT-5172] - MongoDB datastore fails to handle date filters
  • [GEOT-5173] - ImageMosaic does not update the original envelope after harvests
  • [GEOT-5187] - ContentDataStore fails to sort if the sort-by attributes are not among the selected properties
  • [GEOT-5188] - SQLDialect ignores Schema for index (create statement)
  • [GEOT-5197] - SQL syntax error in gt-jdbc-postgis PostgisDataStoreOnlineTest
  • [GEOT-5213] - Regression wrapping world geometries in PDC mercator
  • [GEOT-5218] - JAI Workaround in Warp generates stackoverflow exception
  • [GEOT-5225] - ImageMosaic cannot create postgis backed indexes if the data does not have an official EPSG code
  • [GEOT-5233] - Paged queries return the wrong contents in JDBC data stores when a post filter is required
  • [GEOT-5234] - Cannot create tables with BLOBs in H2 and postgresql
  • [GEOT-5237] - ImageMosaic does not skip missing granules anymore
  • [GEOT-5240] - Transforming feature source does not honor naming convention on FID


  • [GEOT-5148] - Upgrade NetCDF plugins to use NetCDF-java 4.6.2
  • [GEOT-5242] - Upgrade guava dependency to 17.0


  • [GEOT-5127] - Allow ImageMosaic dataStore wrapping for PostGIS based granules catalog
  • [GEOT-5153] - Log the full SQL statement when a query fails in JDBCDataStore
  • [GEOT-5186] - Add support for DB2 selectivity clause
  • [GEOT-5229] - Remember table filters per session

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