Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 14-beta - HTML format


  • [GEOT-4069] - ContourProcess is not working properly for areas with equal data values
  • [GEOT-5039] - gt-property POM for 14-SNAPSHOT declares 13-SNAPSHOT as version of the parent
  • [GEOT-5040] - HTTPURIHandler does not apply its defaults
  • [GEOT-5041] - ProjectionHandler fails with empty GeometryCollection
  • [GEOT-5048] - Fix georeference management when source != target CRS but the transform is identity
  • [GEOT-5051] - Use <> to represent PropertyNotEquals
  • [GEOT-5057] - WMS cascading reader can "leak" native memory and bring to OOM
  • [GEOT-5130] - Static DateFormat's are not thread safe
  • [GEOT-5131] - Image mosaic reader reports incorrect geographic boundind box when reading overviews
  • [GEOT-5150] - FeatureTypeInfoImpl.getAbstract() (WFS v2_0) on empty abstract throws StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • [GEOT-5162] - LabelCacheImpl can throw Null Pointer exception when rendering to Batik graphic
  • [GEOT-5172] - MongoDB datastore fails to handle date filters
  • [GEOT-5179] - Control single and cross layer z ordering in SLD/CSS
  • [GEOT-5185] - Support labels with multiple scripts in map rendering
  • [GEOT-5189] - Incoherent getNames() and getFeatureSource() behavior in AppSchemaDataAccess
  • [GEOT-5191] - Geodetic Calculation can fail to converge for near antipodal points
  • [GEOT-5194] - App-schema can't find types defined in imported schemas
  • [GEOT-5196] - GridGeometry2D's world to grid function translating wrong
  • [GEOT-5198] - Parsing FITTED_CS WKT with affine transformation fails with ClassCastException
  • [GEOT-5201] - Raster mask can get out of synch with the image when subsampling is used
  • [GEOT-5202] - geoscript conflict with wfs-ng previously initiated "javax/xml/namespace/QName
  • [GEOT-5205] - Failure to render geographic coverage in the 0-360 lon range

New Feature

  • [GEOT-5070] - Geobuf DataStore
  • [GEOT-5166] - Add IN filter function taking variable number of arguments
  • [GEOT-5190] - General Oblique Transform for Rotated Pole Coordinates


  • [GEOT-5146] - Deprecate SOLR data store per attribute layer generation
  • [GEOT-5200] - Reverse LARGE_GEOMETRIES_OPTIMIZATION default value for PostGIS DataStore
  • [GEOT-5204] - Support system property to enable JAIExt operations


  • [GEOT-4873] - GeoTiffReader should provide better error message for permissions issues
  • [GEOT-4991] - Improve the shape-dbase reader to filter WHERE clauses using an ODBC driver
  • [GEOT-5031] - NetCDF: Support more time units
  • [GEOT-5167] - PostGIS alternative bbox filter encoding
  • [GEOT-5170] - A visitor to optimize filters for in memory evaluation
  • [GEOT-5174] - ImageMosaic won't work correctly against a index store with multiple geometries
  • [GEOT-5175] - Allow image mosaic to handle a mix of images in different color models
  • [GEOT-5178] - JDBC datastrore initialization should use prepared statements
  • [GEOT-5180] - Improve Contrast Enhancement in SLD and CSS
  • [GEOT-5183] - Text Symbolizer Multi font support
  • [GEOT-5186] - Add support for DB2 selectivity clause
  • [GEOT-5195] - Have PropertyDataStore honor the geometry factory and cs factory hints
  • [GEOT-5199] - Add Meteosat Second Generation imagery projection

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