Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.9-RC1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-5977] - Naming geoserver layer differently from underlying postgis table causes aggregates to be omitted in SQL queries supporting time dimension in GetCapabilities and related operations.
  • [GEOS-7159] - Web interface does not reflect workspace specific WPS enabled/disabled properly
  • [GEOS-7164] - Integrated geoWebCache Cache setup - memory blobstore settings
  • [GEOS-7253] - Enabling WPS for a workspace doesn't appear on the GUI after reload
  • [GEOS-7449] - WPS workspace specific configurations fails to load
  • [GEOS-7487] - Drag and drop rules in GeoFence not working
  • [GEOS-7497] - Restricting security on layers breaks aggregate visitor optimizations in JDBC stores
  • [GEOS-7499] - Stacktrace when modifying the configuration of a WMS Cascade layer
  • [GEOS-7507] - windows installer service wrapper jetty update
  • [GEOS-7517] - HTTP 500 response doing a REST PUT to non-existent style (404 expected)
  • [GEOS-7523] - Stacktrace with unsupported option in GWC Memory Blobstore
  • [GEOS-7525] - PDF generation can contain invalid polygons whose fill bleeds out in the whole map
  • [GEOS-7527] - Windows exe installer fails to start GeoServer


  • [GEOS-7520] - Import YSLD as community module


  • [GEOS-7465] - Update GeoServer GDAL plugin doc with Footprints management details

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