Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.9.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6138] - JDBC error in Geoserver startup, stores not being disposed of when getTypeNames fails
  • [GEOS-7272] - Regression: OL3 preview in tiled mode kills map wrapping
  • [GEOS-7467] - JMS plugin fail to share changes in styles
  • [GEOS-7570] - GetFeatureInfo doesn't yield any result if geometry column is not supplied in PropertyName parameter
  • [GEOS-7576] - Style rescaler doesn't scale graphic-margin for polygon fills
  • [GEOS-7578] - OGR JNI UnsatisfiedLinkError with Java 1.8
  • [GEOS-7635] - Access styles folder at global and workspace level (using custom StylePublisher)
  • [GEOS-7651] - Caching Defaults changes don't persist
  • [GEOS-7655] - WMS GetFeatureInfo with no fill Polygon (not returning results)
  • [GEOS-7657] - gwc-distributed-xx.jar missing in
  • [GEOS-7659] - Class stats PPIO encoding fails with some XML drivers
  • [GEOS-7663] - GetMap throws exception when using featureid filter against multiple layers
  • [GEOS-7667] - Error in GeoFence REST documentation
  • [GEOS-7670] - CAS plugin prevents GeoServer startup (eagerlyCreateSessions is not writable)
  • [GEOS-7672] - Layer publishing regression: need to select the store and Published flag is false
  • [GEOS-7676] - Importer doesn't pass spring request context to jobs threads
  • [GEOS-7680] - Parameter order of dateParse are list in the wrong order in the documentation
  • [GEOS-7685] - Concurrent WFS 2.0 load can cause shared WFS/GML schemas corruption
  • [GEOS-7697] - Error "Field 'latLonBoundingBox' is required" when creating layer
  • [GEOS-7698] - Raster legend border colour ignored
  • [GEOS-7699] - NPE when accessing caching defaults with an empty quota store
  • [GEOS-7711] - Importer does not parse the JSON on creation if the json content type contains parameters
  • [GEOS-7717] - Malformed WMS GetFeatureInfo XML response if raster sample dimension description not valid NCName
  • [GEOS-7718] - NetCDF datastore webUI file chooser not showing aggregation (.ncml) files
  • [GEOS-7724] - Imagemap extension preventing Geoserver startup
  • [GEOS-7745] - CSW based on internal layers ignores security restrictions
  • [GEOS-7746] - LegendSample ans WMS facade are not initiated in some contructors of GeoServerTileLayer
  • [GEOS-7750] - GeoServer tiled layer are not loaded due Spring beans cyclic dependencies, GWC integration deletes the layer configurations as a result
  • [GEOS-7775] - SE style using external mark like "ttf://Webdings" causes NPE on parse
  • [GEOS-7777] - Login failure on home page won't redirect to the dedicated login page anymore

New Feature

  • [GEOS-7603] - Add support for dynamically choosing jpeg or png compression based on output contents
  • [GEOS-7780] - Add WCS scale factor XML demo


  • [GEOS-7645] - Backporting of mbtiles blob store plugin to 2.9.x
  • [GEOS-7744] - Please make defaults read-only


  • [GEOS-6611] - html docs download index and license files
  • [GEOS-7591] - Allow WMTS service requests per workspace (virtual service)
  • [GEOS-7592] - Add WMTS web admin page
  • [GEOS-7593] - Add INSPIRE required metadata to WMTS get capabilities result
  • [GEOS-7668] - GeoFence REST entry for querying a specific user is missing
  • [GEOS-7669] - Allowing users to select band indices for raster data downloads with WPS
  • [GEOS-7675] - ImageMosaic documentation refactor
  • [GEOS-7678] - Improvement of download estimator calculations for raster datasets with WPS
  • [GEOS-7709] - Improve documentation for raster masking on mosaic
  • [GEOS-7734] - Support coverage GetFeatureInfo wrapping and shifted native longitudes
  • [GEOS-7740] - JDBCStore incompatible with Hazelcast Clustering extension
  • [GEOS-7781] - Update INSPIRE community module documentation with specific WMTS service info
  • [GEOS-7782] - Add INSPIRE grid set when INSPIRE extensions is loaded
  • [GEOS-7789] - Shows band index in coverageViews output bands

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