Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.10-RC1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-6144] - Have a better chance of logging the remote user in monitoring across different auth systems
  • [GEOS-7570] - GetFeatureInfo doesn't yield any result if geometry column is not supplied in PropertyName parameter
  • [GEOS-7576] - Style rescaler doesn't scale graphic-margin for polygon fills
  • [GEOS-7663] - GetMap throws exception when using featureid filter against multiple layers
  • [GEOS-7690] - GeoServer Style Page - Edits getting lost when switching tabs
  • [GEOS-7698] - Raster legend border colour ignored
  • [GEOS-7721] - WMTS multi dimensional module GetHistogram operation only counts unique values
  • [GEOS-7722] - WMTS multi dimensional module DescribeDomains operation response should always include a spatial domain
  • [GEOS-7750] - GeoServer tiled layer are not loaded due Spring beans cyclic dependencies, GWC integration deletes the layer configurations as a result
  • [GEOS-7762] - WMTS multi dimensional extension doesn't validate the provided tile matrix set
  • [GEOS-7767] - Coverage views do not reproduce dynamically added alpha band (e.g., footprint management)
  • [GEOS-7773] - Coverage view reader adds BANDS parameter to delegate readers that already support it
  • [GEOS-7774] - Coverage view reader BANDS parameter values should not be propogated to the delegate reader
  • [GEOS-7784] - Brocken link in Documentation

New Feature

  • [GEOS-7780] - Add WCS scale factor XML demo


  • [GEOS-7744] - Please make defaults read-only


  • [GEOS-7736] - Reduce vertical space used by style editor page
  • [GEOS-7781] - Update INSPIRE community module documentation with specific WMTS service info
  • [GEOS-7782] - Add INSPIRE grid set when INSPIRE extensions is loaded
  • [GEOS-7789] - Shows band index in coverageViews output bands

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