Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.13-RC1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-7233] - totalFeatures for WFS 2.0 request returns wrong count
  • [GEOS-8506] - Async WPS does not report wrong output parameters
  • [GEOS-8559] - Integrated GWC WMS capabilities returns invalid xml, ows prefix not declared
  • [GEOS-8561] - CoverageStore HTML REST representation points to a coverage named after the store (instead of its actual name)
  • [GEOS-8568] - TextDecorationTest failure
  • [GEOS-8578] - Regression: GetLegendGraphics renderer lines thicker than they should
  • [GEOS-8587] - Backup/restore reports completion too soon
  • [GEOS-8590] - GeoWebCache fails to compute sub-gridset bounds for layers whose native CRS is wrong/cannot be recognized
  • [GEOS-8595] - PDF Docs show 2.12-SNAPSHOT instead of correct version
  • [GEOS-8598] - WMTS n-dimensional DescribeDomain loads the entire domain of a dimension when min/max would suffice
  • [GEOS-8606] - WPS RawDataEncoderDelegate should close the stream after the copy
  • [GEOS-8607] - DataAccessRuleDao logging skips workspaced layergroups
  • [GEOS-8609] - GeoServerFeatureSource creates a SortedSimpleFeatureCollection wrapper when no sorting is needed
  • [GEOS-8614] - pom missing from maven repo
  • [GEOS-8615] - GetFeatureInfo requires high clicking precision when the WMS "max buffer" setting is zero
  • [GEOS-8618] - Placeholder


  • [GEOS-8597] - Create community module for MongoDB data store


  • [GEOS-8599] - WPSDownload: per-granule resolution on target resolution

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