Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.13.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-7636] - GetLegendGraphic ignores the OnlineResource configured in the style for raster layers
  • [GEOS-8491] - WCS scaleFactor and CRS lookups are not thread-safe
  • [GEOS-8869] - Cannot set default style using layer PUT
  • [GEOS-8871] - Request demos fail when a proxy base url is set
  • [GEOS-8872] - Community Release module does not correctly depend on monitoring-hibernate, s3-geotiff, or web-resource
  • [GEOS-8876] - CSS translator does not support mark offset/anchors based on expressions (but SLD does)
  • [GEOS-8877] - gs-sec-jdbc adds test dependencies to WAR file
  • [GEOS-8893] - WCS 2.0 subsetting may return smaller images than expected by the standard
  • [GEOS-8895] - "Chunk [] is not a valid entry" error for the embedded GWC reload endpoint
  • [GEOS-8908] - Wrong Coverage Parameter Type for OVERVIEW POLICY causing Coverage layer to be deleted from the Catalog upon reload of configuration or restart.
  • [GEOS-8943] - File chooser autocomplete list might contain duplicate elements
  • [GEOS-8944] - GWC fails to cache tiles if GeoFence with source IP driven rules are used for authentication
  • [GEOS-8950] - Several fixes regaring the Windows batch files
  • [GEOS-8964] - TurboJPEG write (via TurboJpegImageWorker) throw IllegalArgumentException when a colorExpansion occurs

New Feature

  • [GEOS-8934] - Extracting min/max values only for interval dimensions


  • [GEOS-8630] - Allow the selection of a default geometry attribute in App-Schema
  • [GEOS-8737] - Add App-Schema integration tests checkign that spatial filters on nested properties ae delegated to the database
  • [GEOS-8856] - Allow CSW AbstractRecordsResponse to pass in the list of allowed output formats.
  • [GEOS-8881] - WPS Download: add "writenodata" param for GeoTiff output encoding params

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