Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.16-RC - HTML format


  • [GEOS-8254] - Warning message "Unable to find property 'format.wfs.DXF' for preview component"
  • [GEOS-8372] - OneLogin Plugin prevents GeoServer from starting
  • [GEOS-8537] - jai-ext quantizer can sometimes exclude transparent colors from generated palette
  • [GEOS-8752] - Integrated GWC fails to seed layers if any data security is configured
  • [GEOS-8762] - Monitor asynchronous post processing does not play well with security
  • [GEOS-8813] - GeoFence Cascaded WMTS resource error: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Don't know how to handle resource WMTSLayerInfoImpl
  • [GEOS-8918] - It should be possible to name complex features layers with an alias
  • [GEOS-8919] - It should not be mandatory to use always use the full resource name when querying a complex feature type
  • [GEOS-9013] - Delegate filter execution matching multiple same-xpath feature chained attribute names to database
  • [GEOS-9127] - Insecure Storage of credentials
  • [GEOS-9154] - Env variables not always expanded when classifying layer
  • [GEOS-9157] - REST mosaic upload fails if using index store reference by name
  • [GEOS-9159] - Excel WFS Output Format - Missing dependency
  • [GEOS-9160] - JSON encoding of 1-d linear geometries fails
  • [GEOS-9161] - Complex attributes with date simple content are not encoded properly by the ComplexJSONBuilder
  • [GEOS-9163] - Default Datastore Parameters panel does not allow https:// protocol values
  • [GEOS-9184] - style image upload: NPE if new style
  • [GEOS-9187] - web-app can no longer use jetty:run
  • [GEOS-9204] - Complex GeoJSON reports a @dataType for complex types with simple contents, when the content is missing
  • [GEOS-9205] - Failure to encode GeoJSON when returning a complex feature out of the single feature WFS3 endpoint
  • [GEOS-9256] - Parameter Extractor plugin cannot mangle URL correctly if Monitor plugin is installed
  • [GEOS-9260] - Update the session token after a successful login.
  • [GEOS-9271] - NullPointerException on WFS ComplexGeoJsonWriter Link check

New Feature

  • [GEOS-9112] - WMTS styling community module
  • [GEOS-9222] - Permit extensibility of Common Formats from Layer Preview page
  • [GEOS-9621] - Wps download raster preserve native resolution when reprojection is requested with no target size


  • [GEOS-9258] - Promote status-monitoring module from Community to Extension
  • [GEOS-9261] - Update name to id in OGC API Collection
  • [GEOS-9262] - Update ogcapi module to return title and description in landing page


  • [GEOS-9073] - Encoding issues with the importer plugin
  • [GEOS-9129] - OGR datastore community module and community build assembly descriptors
  • [GEOS-9136] - Upgrade GDAL dependencies to 2.x
  • [GEOS-9137] - Add WMS configuration options for densification on reprojection and disabling wrapping dateline heuristic
  • [GEOS-9158] - Simplify JSON encoding of "xml attribute" values
  • [GEOS-9179] - Encode nested features as full GeoJSON features in complex GetFeature output
  • [GEOS-9180] - Remove property/element alternation in complex JSON output
  • [GEOS-9181] - Add back data type information in complex GeoJSON output
  • [GEOS-9186] - Allow logging filter to also dump request headers
  • [GEOS-9193] - Make HTMLFeatureInfoOutputFormat getTemplate method protected
  • [GEOS-9197] - Add repeatable params to params-extractor community module
  • [GEOS-9198] - Add support for env parameters in authkey community module configuration (expecially for webservice url)
  • [GEOS-9200] - Add support for configuring ACL in gwc-s3 community module
  • [GEOS-9214] - GeoJSON complex encoder encodes separate FeaturePropertyType as a single array
  • [GEOS-9239] - Options to return WMS Capabilities document without a root Layer tag, when possible
  • [GEOS-9240] - Add testing for PropertyIsNull filter on App-Schema MongoDB
  • [GEOS-9241] - Enhance mongodb schema generation
  • [GEOS-9255] - Promote authkey to extension (GSIP-174)
  • [GEOS-9259] - Rename onelogin plugin to saml and improve compatibility
  • [GEOS-9264] - GWC module include properties that belong to the GWC-S3 community module
  • [GEOS-9268] - Make MongoDB App-Schema schema rebuilder endpoints only rebuild schemas present in mappings.
  • [GEOS-9299] - Update docguide to remove outdated material

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