Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.17.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-9504] - Avoid duplicated classes in SLDService output
  • [GEOS-9531] - WPS gs:DownloadMap process ignores legend decorator
  • [GEOS-9540] - Legend decorator doesn't display legend for raster layer
  • [GEOS-9541] - LegendDecorator ignores static resource dimension
  • [GEOS-9542] - Legend image resize doesn't work properly for big legend images
  • [GEOS-9544] - REST services fail to return the full style, if it's being converted, and the origin is multi-layer
  • [GEOS-9554] - ncWMS plugin GetTimeSeries fails when Nearest Match is active
  • [GEOS-9569] - Integration test for z ordering enabled in sld for complex mongo features
  • [GEOS-9575] - Importer uses wrong datastore when more than one ws have a store with the same name
  • [GEOS-9576] - Add support for MBTiles store rest configuration
  • [GEOS-9579] - Integration test for rendering transformation when using a mbtiles vector store
  • [GEOS-9600] - Update Spring/Spring security libraries to 5.1.14/5.1.9
  • [GEOS-9627] - vector tiles - buffer around tile is too small

New Feature

  • [GEOS-9534] - Add percentages to sldService classify output
  • [GEOS-9564] - Adding GSR community module


  • [GEOS-9613] - GeoFence build issues on Windows
  • [GEOS-9624] - Remove left-over references to spatialite store


  • [GEOS-9589] - [Backup & Restore] Introduce an option allowing a user to specify some paths to be excluded by the backup / restore explicitlty.
  • [GEOS-9630] - Add details on store configuration in App-Schema Mongo integration doc

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