Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 14.0 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5149] - Support PostGIS DB on NetCDF low level indexes
  • [GEOT-5212] - DB2 st_dishoint does not work with SELECTIVITY clause
  • [GEOT-5213] - Regression wrapping world geometries in PDC mercator
  • [GEOT-5215] - Add default values for NetCDF undefined datum params in projections definition
  • [GEOT-5218] - JAI Workaround in Warp generates stackoverflow exception
  • [GEOT-5219] - The Geotiff reader fails to attach rois to the RenderedImage just read
  • [GEOT-5220] - Allow ProjectionHandler to be extended outside of its original package
  • [GEOT-5221] - Artifacts in rendering rasters that have native ROI and needed to be cut and stitched before rendering
  • [GEOT-5225] - ImageMosaic cannot create postgis backed indexes if the data does not have an official EPSG code
  • [GEOT-5226] - Image processing issues extracting small parts out of huge mosaics


  • [GEOT-5148] - Upgrade NetCDF plugins to use NetCDF-java 4.6.2


  • [GEOT-3776] - stroke-dasharray from database

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