Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 14.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-3005] - Dimension missing associated Extent on getExtent
  • [GEOT-4506] - JDBCDataStore initialization not thread-safe
  • [GEOT-5239] - GeoServer disables Oracle store when startup SQL is configured because connection is not properly unwrapped
  • [GEOT-5306] - ImageMosaic footprints fail for geotiff source with alpha channel
  • [GEOT-5307] - When using ImageMosaic with footprint and alpha channel, non-alpha channels are discarded
  • [GEOT-5312] - Optimized GML3 encoding forces usage of MultiCurve even when the old path would use MultiLineString
  • [GEOT-5313] - ImageWorker mosaic ROI computation may fail with imageio-ext
  • [GEOT-5318] - GridCoverageRenderer fails on indexed image with null background color
  • [GEOT-5324] - Crop usage of ROIShape can cause OOM when used against very large coverages
  • [GEOT-5330] - Transformer.transformQuery() does not preserve sortBy filter
  • [GEOT-5337] - JDBCTransactionState logs unnecessary warning if connection is managed externally
  • [GEOT-5339] - GeoJSon geometry parsing may fail because the type value is added among the geometry ordinates
  • [GEOT-5340] - ContourProcess should skip invalid geometries
  • [GEOT-5341] - XSDateTime fails to parse timestamps with more than 3 digits in the fractional seconds section


  • [GEOT-5296] - Timeout settings have no effect on read timeout
  • [GEOT-5316] - Harden ImageWorker palette expansion against source pixels not in the palette
  • [GEOT-5327] - Support for 'matchCase' in WFS GetFeature request (v1.0.0)

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