Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 14.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-4317] - url encoding of WMS layer name
  • [GEOT-4780] - Deadlock between ReferencingFactoryFinder and BufferedCoordinateOperationFactory
  • [GEOT-4886] - Different names for PK metadata table
  • [GEOT-5079] - PostGISDialect Error with PostGIS 2.0
  • [GEOT-5290] - LabelPainter setLabel fails when rendering text with only consecutive newlines
  • [GEOT-5338] - windbarbs doesn't support winds > 100kts and uses wrong symbols
  • [GEOT-5342] - suspicious constants in Cassini-Soldner projection
  • [GEOT-5344] - SLDParser considers only the last declared font family
  • [GEOT-5345] - SLDTransformer does not fully encode mutiple fonts per text symbolizer
  • [GEOT-5348] - WMS client fails to cascade servers with invalid/unreachable schema references
  • [GEOT-5351] - Typo in XML Configuration Files
  • [GEOT-5360] - Issue serializing xml for Geometry collections
  • [GEOT-5361] - Complex feature WFS client breaks GeoServer external WFS data store
  • [GEOT-5364] - WFS-NG store cannot parse curves
  • [GEOT-5365] - Parsing a GML feature collection with no schema returns only attributes found in the first feature
  • [GEOT-5366] - ClassCastException on Category List to array conversion
  • [GEOT-5371] - A colormap with two subsequent entries having the same value fails to render
  • [GEOT-5373] - Fix GRIB Cache Dir setting
  • [GEOT-5374] - WFSDataAccessFactory and WFSDataStoreFactory break if the GML compliance level is not an integer
  • [GEOT-5376] - Encoding of SRS for non-EPSG Oracle code on app-schema complex features fails
  • [GEOT-5380] - Fast GML encoder path won't encode 3rd ordinate for 3d data
  • [GEOT-5381] - Speed up rendering SVGs as graphic fills over complex geometries


  • [GEOT-5352] - Support multiple 2D bboxes within same NetCDF dataset
  • [GEOT-5362] - Remove the ":sd" suffix from SampleDimension description in NetCDF readers
  • [GEOT-5363] - Make sure auxiliary file path isn't appended to root path if ABSOLUTE

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