Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 15.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-724] - crash for EMPTY Geometries
  • [GEOT-5441] - GML3 parsing of nested members fails
  • [GEOT-5487] - Cropped coverage with longitudes in (0,360) can be rendered black
  • [GEOT-5493] - Failure to parse a SE 1.1 using an external mark with MarkIndex
  • [GEOT-5494] - The XSD parser forces a default mark fill and stroke if none were defined
  • [GEOT-5495] - DuplicatingStyleVisitor does not clone Mark.ExternalMark
  • [GEOT-5501] - JFontChooser is not available to be used even though user guide says it is
  • [GEOT-5508] - A NPE can occur when calling CompoundCurve.isRectangle()
  • [GEOT-5511] - OverviewPolicy param in ImageMosaic is supported but not exposed
  • [GEOT-5524] - Incorrect detection of GRIB files with WMO header
  • [GEOT-5525] - ImagePyramid may compute wrong level index when dealing with expanded envelope
  • [GEOT-5531] - BandMerge coverage operation may introduce half pixel shift
  • [GEOT-5535] - SLDGraphicBinding ignores mixed symbol entries (mark/graphic)

New Feature

  • [GEOT-5533] - Throwable provided to ServiceException initCause not visible


  • [GEOT-5457] - Support Climatological time
  • [GEOT-5474] - Allows ImagePyramid supporting multiple Coverages
  • [GEOT-5481] - Allows ImageMosaic supporting multiple coverages from a set of files, based on a CoverageNameHandler
  • [GEOT-5482] - Improve SampleDimension description set on NetCDF coverages
  • [GEOT-5485] - ImagePyramid supporting overviews on underlying ImageMosaic
  • [GEOT-5496] - Have StreamingRenderer handle external marks of TTF nature
  • [GEOT-5521] - Support Azimuthal Equidistant projection
  • [GEOT-5522] - App-schema warnings log too verbose

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