Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 15.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5484] - ImageMosaic not handling footprint behavior in single granule case
  • [GEOT-5520] - Grid coverage renderer bands selection setup updates the shared raster symbolizer
  • [GEOT-5527] - PostgreSQL 9.6 breaks ASC_OR_DESC for index
  • [GEOT-5534] - If default geometry attribute "" is used in a style filtering no features are rendered
  • [GEOT-5544] - GridCoverageFactory throws NullPointerException on arg described as nullable
  • [GEOT-5548] - Filter function "greaterEqualThan" is not properly working
  • [GEOT-5549] - Regression: insert operations produce SQL that includes identity column; SQL Server plugin then fails to insert
  • [GEOT-5550] - SQLServer date/time based filtering fails if the server is not in english locale
  • [GEOT-5552] - XSD schema manipulation not fully synchronized causes concurrency issues
  • [GEOT-5553] - SQLServerLobOnlineTest#testCreateSchema fails when using the Microsoft JDBC driver
  • [GEOT-5554] - SQLServerJNDIDataSourceOnlineTest fails if the Microsoft driver is not in the classpath
  • [GEOT-5557] - SLDTransformer does not correctly encode expressions in line symbolizer perpendicular offset
  • [GEOT-5558] - When creating a sub type non matching properties map to a NULL attribute descriptor
  • [GEOT-5559] - CRS.parseText fails for WagnerV WKT
  • [GEOT-5574] - RescaleStyleVisitor not copying anchor point for Graphic


  • [GEOT-5542] - Update GT Pom to depend on ImageIO-EXT 1.1.16


  • [GEOT-5513] - Allow renderer to delegate band selection down to coverage readers via a BANDS parameter
  • [GEOT-5526] - SQL Encoding of Filters on Nested Attributes

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