Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 17-beta - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5265] - GeoTIFF not painting within JMapFrame
  • [GEOT-5336] - RendererUtilities.calculateScale() fails to calculate the correct scale if the envelope stays in northern hemisphere
  • [GEOT-5509] - NetCDF doesn't support some date formats
  • [GEOT-5510] - NetCDF throws exception when attempting to publish aggregation file with runtime dimension
  • [GEOT-5516] - NetCDF add_offset and scale_factor attributes not respected
  • [GEOT-5528] - NetCDF time variable is expected to be increasing (not decreasing)
  • [GEOT-5547] - Preparation for GeoPackage module graduation
  • [GEOT-5558] - When creating a sub type non matching properties map to a NULL attribute descriptor
  • [GEOT-5563] - DefaultRenderingExecutor stops working after a layer fail
  • [GEOT-5564] - Invalid CSS font-family causes LabelUnderlineTest to fail on OpenJDK
  • [GEOT-5574] - RescaleStyleVisitor not copying anchor point for Graphic
  • [GEOT-5582] - geopackage creates inconsistent CRS's (y-axis)
  • [GEOT-5594] - AzimuthalEquidistant projection missing parameters
  • [GEOT-5603] - Intermittent build failure with UnfinishedStubbingException in JDBCTransactionStateTest
  • [GEOT-5611] - Invalid data for ImageMosaic of multi-coverage NetCDF/GRIB files
  • [GEOT-5615] - Make sure image mosaic does not generate raster images with very high raster coordinate values
  • [GEOT-5636] - imageio-ext-gdalgeotiff.jar creates classpath conflicts
  • [GEOT-5642] - GTAffinePropertyGenerator fails when lookup up missing ROI
  • [GEOT-5643] - DB2 online tests fail with "Invalid operation: result set is closed"
  • [GEOT-5644] - Merge/affine reduction may lose background pixel values
  • [GEOT-5645] - GridCoverageRenderer needs to set a ROI on each reprojection to account for valid pixels
  • [GEOT-5646] - Make GridCoverarageRenderer turn nodata/out of ROI pixels into transparent before rendering onto Graphics2D
  • [GEOT-5647] - Support ESRI substitute for EPSG:3857

New Feature

  • [GEOT-5561] - Add an SLD vendor option to underline labels
  • [GEOT-5626] - Add Support for Mapbox Style
  • [GEOT-5639] - Add JDBC callback interface to JDBC datastore modules


  • [GEOT-5542] - Update GT Pom to depend on ImageIO-EXT 1.1.16
  • [GEOT-5569] - Increase chance of matching an ESRI WTK to a EPSG code
  • [GEOT-5601] - Update import SoftValueHashMap
  • [GEOT-5620] - Promote gt-ysld to supported


  • [GEOT-5500] - Extra marks needed for QGIS interoperability
  • [GEOT-5526] - SQL Encoding of Filters on Nested Attributes
  • [GEOT-5541] - Create a function to return number of complex attributes
  • [GEOT-5575] - Relax the XML encoder to be able to encode nested complex types that don't respect the GML object-property model
  • [GEOT-5579] - DataUtilities.urlToFile fails with query parameters (blocking SVG parameter use)
  • [GEOT-5580] - Use imageio EnhancedImageReadParam instead of ExtendedImageParam
  • [GEOT-5584] - Do not fill tiny polygons when the overlapping stroke is sure to cover them
  • [GEOT-5585] - Avoid recomputing source to target transformation over and over in projection handlers
  • [GEOT-5586] - Improve efficiency of rendering queue draining
  • [GEOT-5595] - Cannot read/write GeoTIFF with Azimuthal_Equidistant projection
  • [GEOT-5602] - Better concurrent SoftValueHashMap
  • [GEOT-5633] - Create a ColorConverter for HTML / CSS color names
  • [GEOT-5649] - Remove AbstractDataStore

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