Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 16.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5538] - Preceding space in schemalocation declaration breaks parsing
  • [GEOT-5560] - Label bad positioning when using follow line vendor option
  • [GEOT-5606] - Invalid GML3 GeometryCollection Encoding
  • [GEOT-5611] - Invalid data for ImageMosaic of multi-coverage NetCDF/GRIB files
  • [GEOT-5615] - Make sure image mosaic does not generate raster images with very high raster coordinate values
  • [GEOT-5618] - WMSConfiguration misses dependency onto XLinkConfiguration
  • [GEOT-5627] - ImageMosaicReader test failure on Windows machine build
  • [GEOT-5635] - ImageMosaic loading creates one object blocking the finalization thread for a while
  • [GEOT-5642] - GTAffinePropertyGenerator fails when lookup up missing ROI
  • [GEOT-5644] - Merge/affine reduction may lose background pixel values
  • [GEOT-5645] - GridCoverageRenderer needs to set a ROI on each reprojection to account for valid pixels
  • [GEOT-5646] - Make GridCoverarageRenderer turn nodata/out of ROI pixels into transparent before rendering onto Graphics2D

New Feature

  • [GEOT-5612] - CRS.getCoordinateOperationFactory scalability bottleneck



  • [GEOT-5613] - SLDTransformer should optionally write out default values for less smart programs
  • [GEOT-5616] - Implement Cylindrical Equal Area Projection
  • [GEOT-5634] - Relax visibility of StyledShapePainter to allow override of vector fill in subclasses

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