Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 16.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5617] - Shapefile attribute (DBF) DbaseFileReader reads numeric empty values as zero
  • [GEOT-5636] - imageio-ext-gdalgeotiff.jar creates classpath conflicts
  • [GEOT-5641] - Mollweide projection misses parameter
  • [GEOT-5658] - PostGIS sql dialect fails to encode 3D bbox filters
  • [GEOT-5660] - SVGGraphicFactoryTest#testLocalURLXEE fails on Windows ( \etc\passwd)
  • [GEOT-5662] - GridCoveargeRenderer.renderImage may throw a NPE
  • [GEOT-5663] - ProjectionHandler.getQueryEnvelopes can return invalid envelopes for transverse mercator
  • [GEOT-5668] - Tomcat classloader does not allow de-serialization of ImageMosaic SampleImage
  • [GEOT-5669] - Geometries not created when using WFS data store 2.0.0
  • [GEOT-5675] - Division by zero in NetCDFPolyphemusTest
  • [GEOT-5677] - Band selection via request param and RBG expansion are incompatible
  • [GEOT-5678] - ImageWorker should invalidate statistics after a Crop
  • [GEOT-5686] - Shapefile dumper throws a NPE on NULL geometry values
  • [GEOT-5693] - Crop and rescale to bytes fail to propagate nodata values
  • [GEOT-5696] - Feature chaining on xs:anyType encodes superfluous toString text
  • [GEOT-5703] - Incorrect validation when parsing XML schema element declaration with ref attribute

New Feature

  • [GEOT-5654] - gs:PointStacker add an attribute that holds the bounding box of the clustered features


  • [GEOT-5674] - Add TransparencyFill process to unsupported/process-raster module


  • [GEOT-5676] - Use of Java 7 Base64 Encoder / Decoders

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