Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 17.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5343] - Support matchCase on PropertyIsLike in Filter 2.0
  • [GEOT-5669] - Geometries not created when using WFS data store 2.0.0
  • [GEOT-5697] - Encoding the filter Not( is null ) as XML doesn't work correctly
  • [GEOT-5698] - WFSDataStore ignores gzip settings
  • [GEOT-5720] - Heterogeneous CRS mosaic composes output with erroenous image positioning and scaling
  • [GEOT-5727] - Heterogeneous CRS mosaic fails to display when there are granules crossing the dateline
  • [GEOT-5731] - Bad Authorization header encoding in SimpleHTTPClient
  • [GEOT-5732] - Band selection optimization in GridCoverageRenderer fails for the "paint" code path
  • [GEOT-5734] - Envelope reprojection returns invalid results for EPSG:3035
  • [GEOT-5735] - ReadResolutionCalculator under-estimates the reading resolution in case one axis is stretched a lot more than the other
  • [GEOT-5736] - ImageWorker mosaic operation can return results with the wrong ROI
  • [GEOT-5748] - Improve App-Schema connection usage
  • [GEOT-5755] - Mosaic with mixed CRS can miss areas when footprint management is set to "transparent"
  • [GEOT-5756] - Coverage Crop can fail with TopologyException
  • [GEOT-5757] - ImageWorker.mosaic mail fail with NPE if some granules have a ROI while others do not
  • [GEOT-5760] - Stretched shield placement does not account for descenders in label
  • [GEOT-5761] - OGCLiteralTypeBinding only parses contents up to the first entity
  • [GEOT-5765] - GridCoverageRenderer bandSelection optimization results into ignoring nested per-channel contrastEnhancement nodes
  • [GEOT-5767] - GridCoverageRenderer can miss part of an image when the source data overlaps the dateline on both sides
  • [GEOT-5768] - CSS does not support dasharray made of expressions
  • [GEOT-5769] - GridCoverageRenderer improperly applies the BandSelect optimization 2 times in a row
  • [GEOT-5774] - gt-xsd won't parse TextSymbolizer embedded Graphic extension
  • [GEOT-5775] - Images with ROI not correctly warped when not using jai-ext
  • [GEOT-5780] - OGR GeoJSON layer name changes with GDAL 2.2 or later, breaking BridjOGRDataStoreTest
  • [GEOT-5782] - ImageMosaic throws exceptions when sorting granules over a cached in-memory index
  • [GEOT-5783] - ImageMosaic silently ignores invalid sort attributes in the SORTING parameters
  • [GEOT-5784] - Intermittent failure of ImageWorkerTest.rescaleToBytesNoData
  • [GEOT-5788] - Heterogeneous CRS mosaic does not work when using raster masks


  • [GEOT-5744] - Make sure NoData is properly shared/updated along processing ops
  • [GEOT-5770] - NetCDF's SampleDimension min/max based on variable's attributes

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