Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 18-RC1 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5817] - StreamingRenderer can result in map with white lines at tile borders against a heterogeneous CRS mosaic
  • [GEOT-5818] - NetCDFImageReader may throw classCastException if underlying dimensions and axes aren't sorted at the same way
  • [GEOT-5820] - ImageMosaic cached index does not support filtering and sorting at the same time
  • [GEOT-5823] - Mapping DATE to java.sql.Timestamp in OracleDialect
  • [GEOT-5826] - GeoPackage store does not support spatial indexes
  • [GEOT-5827] - Filtered heterogeneous CRS image mosaic can end up losing granules
  • [GEOT-5828] - NetCDF tests fail with NPE if run with fine logging turned on.
  • [GEOT-5829] - Font antialiasing differences cause gt-mbstyle VisualTransformerTest failures on OpenJDK
  • [GEOT-5832] - Increase ProjectionHandler robustness when the target geometry just touches the valid area

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