Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 17.4 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5672] - MongoDB 'Number' literals not supported in filter
  • [GEOT-5706] - Mongo filter allows Java types unsupported by Java Mongo Driver
  • [GEOT-5841] - MemoryDataStore "addFeatures(FeatureCollection)" only adds 1 feature
  • [GEOT-5853] - StreamingRenderer does not notify RenderListener of features rendered on ElseFilter
  • [GEOT-5866] - MongoDB integration with App-Schema nested mappings are not evealuted relatively
  • [GEOT-5869] - Intermittent failure of JDBCTransactionStateTest caused by finalizer logging
  • [GEOT-5870] - gt-svg: renderer.lite.DrawTest is failing on Windows (handling of href parameters)
  • [GEOT-5879] - CRS envelope transformation does not include the full extent when going rotated polar projections to WGS84
  • [GEOT-5880] - ProjectionHandler can return query envelopes that are empty or outside of the re-projectable area
  • [GEOT-5902] - XML Encoder ignores setting of OmitXMLDeclaration and Indention
  • [GEOT-5907] - Heterogeneous CRS mosaics with element crossing the dateline can have overly extended footprints
  • [GEOT-5909] - Thread unsafe particle initialization in BBOXTypeBinding
  • [GEOT-5912] - Image mosaic: set ROI on blank responses when footprint management is on

New Feature

  • [GEOT-5690] - Make MongoDB usable as a data store in app-schema


  • [GEOT-5750] - Add support for latest MySQL DB enhancements in jdbc-mysql module
  • [GEOT-5751] - MySQLdialect postCreate enhancements

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