Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 19.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5966] - CopyingHandler does not copy over namespace declarations
  • [GEOT-5969] - ValueReference is parsed/build with a namespace support whose contents are not stable
  • [GEOT-5970] - GeoTools wfs.xsd outdated, reports a LockFeature without AbstractQueryExpression as invalid
  • [GEOT-5974] - SVGFactory, multiple threads can end up loading the same SVG
  • [GEOT-5982] - CopyingHandler does not copy repeated namespace declarations
  • [GEOT-5986] - The two simplifiers in the SimplifyProcess class got mixed up.
  • [GEOT-5990] - Geotools Oracle store lists spatial index statistics system tables
  • [GEOT-5991] - ImageMosaic may fail to start if a custom CrsAttribute is defined along with usage of existing catalog table
  • [GEOT-5992] - ImageMosaic may fail to setup when using a DataAccess providing a mix of simple and complex features
  • [GEOT-5994] - Minor coefficient error in Transverse Mercator inverse transform
  • [GEOT-5996] - GroupByVisitor may fail with null input values
  • [GEOT-5997] - MergeSortReader will lose some data if the size of the dataset is bigger than the on disk page size, but not a multiple
  • [GEOT-5998] - Interpolate function is not null safe
  • [GEOT-6005] - Renderer can paint label overlapping itself on sharp turns in geometry along with large font
  • [GEOT-6006] - ProjectionHandler fails to recognize no reprojection is needed on datum axis swap in projected CRS
  • [GEOT-6012] - Image mosaic initialization can stop abruptly if one of the granule acceptors throws an exception
  • [GEOT-6016] - WMS client may return an opaque image when cascading a transparent output from MapXTreme


  • [GEOT-5995] - Move MongoDB unsuported module to plugins


  • [GEOT-5931] - Temporal operators not supported in opengis FilterCapabilities implementation
  • [GEOT-5952] - WFS NG - implement optional support for HTTP connection pooling (like we do for WMSDataStore)
  • [GEOT-5961] - Preserve input alpha channel (if any) in RasterSymbolizer's channelSelect
  • [GEOT-5973] - Update MySql jdbc driver to a newer version

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