Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 19.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5688] - Env function in RasterSymbolizer's ChannelSelection doesn't evaluate in StreamingRenderer
  • [GEOT-5987] - ImageUtilties.disposePlanarImageChain disposes image input streams, but won't dispose of the image readers
  • [GEOT-6005] - Renderer can paint label overlapping itself on sharp turns in geometry along with large font
  • [GEOT-6010] - WMS GetMapRequest fail againts MongoDB complex feature types (App-Schema)
  • [GEOT-6011] - MarchingSquaresVectorizer should generate expected geometry type when finding zero results.
  • [GEOT-6017] - WMTSCoverageReader throws exception when talking to ESRI servers
  • [GEOT-6022] - Axis flipping triggers advanced projection handling when there is no need to, slows down maps with lots (10k+) of small geometries
  • [GEOT-6027] - LabelingTest.testLineLabelingSharpTurn2 fails on Oracle JDK
  • [GEOT-6029] - Updates for HeterogeneousCRS and ReprojectingMosaicProducers make fails some NetCDF read
  • [GEOT-6037] - JDBCDataStore can fail to build features when screenmap skipping is enabled
  • [GEOT-6045] - Unnecessary assert prevents EPSG HSQL database in path with spaces
  • [GEOT-6056] - EPSG lookup failures caused by concurrent database shutdown in FactoryUsingHSQL finalizer
  • [GEOT-6057] - Upgrade Batik to version 1.10
  • [GEOT-6061] - Engineering CRS 404000 does not round trip through WKT correctly


  • [GEOT-5988] - Experimental scaling op
  • [GEOT-6047] - Demote GTOPO30 plugin to unsupported
  • [GEOT-6055] - Upgrade commons-io dependency to 2.6
  • [GEOT-6065] - Support "months since" unit on NetCDF


  • [GEOT-5980] - Disallow noData metadata writing in GeoTiffWriter (via write param)
  • [GEOT-5993] - ImageMosaic supporting virtual nativeResolution read parameter
  • [GEOT-6008] - ImageMosaic supporting multiple WKBs as overviews masks
  • [GEOT-6015] - Support custom PADDING Hint on GridCoverageRenderer's GridCoveragereReaderHelper
  • [GEOT-6021] - ImageMosaic supporting masking on read
  • [GEOT-6050] - Upgrade HSQLDB to 2.4.1

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