Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 19.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5438] - Curve support not complete for curved polygons with multiple curved holes
  • [GEOT-5985] - ApiDoc of ReprojectingFeatureCollection not in line with implementation
  • [GEOT-6014] - Make App-Schema delegate spatial filters on nested properties to the relational database
  • [GEOT-6080] - CSS translator does not support mark offset/anchors based on expressions (but SLD does)
  • [GEOT-6084] - Dependency to commons.logging impl causes ClassNotFoundException at runtime
  • [GEOT-6108] - ImageWorker indexed color expansion does not fully account for the case where one palette entry may also be a nodata value
  • [GEOT-6109] - Centralize SnakeYAML configuration
  • [GEOT-6113] - ReadResolutionCalculator may return wrong accurate resolution when reprojection is involved
  • [GEOT-6120] - Mosaic fails with a mix of GrayAlpha and RGBA images
  • [GEOT-6121] - Pass visitor down in TransformFeatureCollection when possible
  • [GEOT-6123] - GeoPackage reader slowness against large raster geopackages
  • [GEOT-6126] - ImageMosaic might interpolate NODATA along with valid data
  • [GEOT-6127] - LabelSplitter start-index bug.
  • [GEOT-6135] - High order interpolation should not be applied on alpha channel when scaling images
  • [GEOT-6139] - NPE when opening a NetCDF file containing a time coordinate with a _FillValue, when using enhance scaleMissing flag.
  • [GEOT-6144] - ImageMosaic excessive "getName" calls while using a DataAccess as source
  • [GEOT-6150] - FeatureUtilities.convertPolygonToPointArray fails to round correctly negative numbers
  • [GEOT-6151] - Image mosaic may fail to mosaic gray-alpha and RGBA images
  • [GEOT-6160] - gml:id is present on WFS 1.1.0 GML 3.1 geometry encoding
  • [GEOT-6164] - GeoPackageReader mis-interprets the tile matrix srid for an actual EPSG code
  • [GEOT-6173] - ProjectionHandler.getQueryEnvelopes returns envelopes in WGS84, when going back from WGS84 to a projected system, and requested area touches the dateline
  • [GEOT-6207] - ImageUtilities image disposal methods may not access inner fields of (Writable)RenderedImageAdapter.

New Feature

  • [GEOT-5968] - Add NativeFilter filter
  • [GEOT-6058] - Extend App-Schema to make it possible to use an HTTP URL for the mapping file location


  • [GEOT-5964] - Allow the selection of a default geometry attribute in App-Schema
  • [GEOT-6034] - Allow the usage of a place holder for the :where: clause created by GeoServer in virtual tables
  • [GEOT-6145] - ImageWorker.forceComponentColorModel. allow omitting alpha band when going from IndexColorModel to CCM
  • [GEOT-6171] - Add a remove indexed color model method in ImageWorker

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