Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 20.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-6025] - Shapefile data store tries to validate HTTP URL but fails with a NULL pointer exception
  • [GEOT-6141] - Faulty reprojection mercator -> other crs for small areas
  • [GEOT-6175] - CSVDataStore doesn't clean up temp file when writing out
  • [GEOT-6183] - GeoTIFF reader attaches nodata to the coverage, but not to the underlying image
  • [GEOT-6184] - MongoDB complex store iterator enters in an infinite loop if no ID is defined
  • [GEOT-6185] - ClassBreaksOpImage causes NPE when missing property is requested in getProperty
  • [GEOT-6199] - ImageMosaic harvesting does not scale up
  • [GEOT-6200] - Reproject fitler tries to reproject non geometry properties
  • [GEOT-6201] - BBox function crashes when passed GML
  • [GEOT-6206] - GeoPackage reader fails to report the number of overviews available
  • [GEOT-6207] - ImageUtilities image disposal methods may not access inner fields of (Writable)RenderedImageAdapter.
  • [GEOT-6212] - Complex MongoDB generated properties are not correctly handlded in SLDs


  • [GEOT-6182] - Add the possibility to specify the target CRS for the ReprojectingFilterVisitor
  • [GEOT-6189] - Allow FilterDOMParser to handle filters with expression in the "value" element
  • [GEOT-6198] - Do not set ROIs in image mosaic when not strictly necessary

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