Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 20.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-6092] - Encoding of ECQL in FES produces an invalid PropertyIsEqualTo-Filter
  • [GEOT-6217] - DefaultResourceLocator can go NPE when a custom source URL is used
  • [GEOT-6221] - SLDExternalGraphicBinding does not allow external graphics references with custom protocols
  • [GEOT-6225] - High order interpolation can lose the alpha channel when scaling images
  • [GEOT-6227] - Oracle tests take 30+ minutes per test method on test classes not setting the target schema
  • [GEOT-6228] - Oracle SDONN function encoding fails with an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception
  • [GEOT-6229] - Oracle data store query fail when table or attribute names with more than 30 chars are used in Oracle 12
  • [GEOT-6232] - FilterToSQL does not honor operation precedence found in in memory Filter object
  • [GEOT-6233] - Encoding of PropertyIsNull Filter in FES produces an invalid output
  • [GEOT-6234] - Encoding of Not operator in FES produces an invalid output
  • [GEOT-6251] - ECQL parsing fails for round-trip of functions OR'd together
  • [GEOT-6253] - GEOS-8975 - [Label Placement] Baseline is displaced when the label has line breaks and descenders


  • [GEOT-5941] - Support 120 character table names in Oracle
  • [GEOT-6237] - SimpleFeatureIO doesn't allow to encode big string attributes (bigger then 65535 bytes)

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