Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 22.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-4931] - DataUtilities isMatch method wrongly implemented
  • [GEOT-6293] - ContentFeatureStore.getReader(Query) returns incorrect results when canTransact() returns false.
  • [GEOT-6365] - Issue in GMLFilterFeature results in spurious whitespace added to attribute values
  • [GEOT-6366] - WFSDataStore uses the wrong parameters for DescribeFeatureType operation when using WFS 2.0 strategy
  • [GEOT-6374] - Wrong expression encoding for BBOX filters on Solr datastore
  • [GEOT-6376] - Solr datastore online tests failing due to updated data setup
  • [GEOT-6379] - Upgrade jgridshift to 1.2
  • [GEOT-6387] - CSVReader returns coordinates in the wrong order in LatLonStrategy
  • [GEOT-6395] - ChoiceAttributeTypeImpl swaps min and max
  • [GEOT-6399] - Arithmetic operations not supported with Complex Attributes
  • [GEOT-6406] - NPE with multidimensional GRIB2 file with time and custom dimension
  • [GEOT-6411] - Have AbstractGridCoverageWriter release both output stream and destination on dispose()
  • [GEOT-6419] - gt-jdbc-hana - Missing apostrophe in query generation


  • [GEOT-6397] - provide extra comparison method for featureTypes in DataUtilities class
  • [GEOT-6400] - Implement support for text labels in ColorMapEntry for CSS
  • [GEOT-6408] - GridCoverageReaderHelper doesn't take into account "Accurate Resolution Computation" param
  • [GEOT-6417] - Align ECQL grammar to CQL

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