Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 22.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-6313] - Raster to Vector rendering transforms do not respect continuous map wrapping
  • [GEOT-6366] - WFSDataStore uses the wrong parameters for DescribeFeatureType operation when using WFS 2.0 strategy
  • [GEOT-6367] - Url encoding issue for GetFeature operation having special chars in PropertyName
  • [GEOT-6460] - Chained/combined bandMerges operations may lose noData
  • [GEOT-6476] - MongoDb store wrongly return false when supports sorting method is issued
  • [GEOT-6507] - App-Schema IllegalArgumentException when getting an empty collection on a jdbc multivalue join attribute
  • [GEOT-6509] - gt-jdbc-hana - MultiPoint WKBs not parsed properly
  • [GEOT-6511] - PostGIS JDBC does not request Point geometry column in TWKB with prepared statements enabled
  • [GEOT-6516] - gt-jdbc-hana - Polygon holes in WKB are faulty
  • [GEOT-6519] - GeoPackage store does not support generic cartesian and geographic crs (requirement 11)
  • [GEOT-6535] - ImageWorker getHistogram return always the first histogram computed
  • [GEOT-6537] - Tests for optimized "in" encoding fail in GeoPKG
  • [GEOT-6542] - High oversample, with reprojection and rendering transformations can cause improper rendering
  • [GEOT-6543] - Avoid resampling at least one coverage in mosaic operations driven by GridCoverageRendererUtilities
  • [GEOT-6553] - NPE in StreamingRenderer if dynamic densification is enabled on a projection without ProjectionHandler
  • [GEOT-6565] - GeoPackage spatial index creation fails with particular feature type names
  • [GEOT-6598] - Ogc filter to mongo operator translation fails

New Feature

  • [GEOT-6433] - VendorOption markAlongLine - ExernalGraphics for LineSymbolizer
  • [GEOT-6446] - Allow to place a text symbolizer Graphic at an offset vs its own label
  • [GEOT-6497] - Support curved geometries in SQL Server
  • [GEOT-6503] - Extend SLD to support background fill specification at the UserStyle level
  • [GEOT-6526] - Add percentages to Classifiers


  • [GEOT-6409] - Refactor and Improve ImageMosaic's TimeParser adopting pieces of code from GeoServer's TimeParser


  • [GEOT-2425] - Nexus Index of Maven repository
  • [GEOT-6360] - Add Preferred Image Format support in WMSLayer and WMSCoverageReader
  • [GEOT-6377] - Add support for ANY clause optimization in PostGIS driver
  • [GEOT-6398] - RenderListener Extension
  • [GEOT-6473] - ContrastEnhancement to byte datatype should reserve a value for nodata (when present) and adjust scale/offset
  • [GEOT-6498] - Upgrade to the open source version of the Microsoft JDBC driver
  • [GEOT-6518] - ImageMosaic HeterogeneousCRS: support producing output in requested GridGeometry'CRS matching internal CRSs
  • [GEOT-6564] - Heterogeneous mosaic: allow GranuleSource to return the precise source envelope of granules, given a query hint

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