Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 23.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-6476] - MongoDb store wrongly return false when supports sorting method is issued
  • [GEOT-6539] - Percentages computation for equal area function fails for certain intervals number if class width is an integer
  • [GEOT-6552] - MBTilesSource getBoundsInternal should return BBOX from metadata
  • [GEOT-6553] - NPE in StreamingRenderer if dynamic densification is enabled on a projection without ProjectionHandler
  • [GEOT-6557] - Add support for GEOMETRY_GENERALIZATION in MBTiles store
  • [GEOT-6558] - Make MBTilesStore to remove features in mbtiles file buffer when a rendering transformation is issued
  • [GEOT-6565] - GeoPackage spatial index creation fails with particular feature type names
  • [GEOT-6569] - GeoJSONDatastore can not read from URLs that do not end .json
  • [GEOT-6572] - TransparencyFillOp works only with byte data
  • [GEOT-6573] - TransparencyFill process works only with one line transparent stripes
  • [GEOT-6584] - Coordinate axis inconsistency causes failure of DB2 map display
  • [GEOT-6586] - GeometryClipper - doesn't handle polygon x polygon when result is multipolygon
  • [GEOT-6598] - Ogc filter to mongo operator translation fails
  • [GEOT-6599] - Converting a Polygon Z read with shapefile reader can't convert to PackedCoordinateSequence

New Feature

  • [GEOT-6526] - Add percentages to Classifiers


  • [GEOT-6591] - Remove the spatialite data store


  • [GEOT-3377] - Use Charset for DBF header.
  • [GEOT-6506] - GeoTools.scanForSystemHints() unnecessary synchronization
  • [GEOT-6525] - Updated HTTPComponents version to 4.5.11
  • [GEOT-6564] - Heterogeneous mosaic: allow GranuleSource to return the precise source envelope of granules, given a query hint
  • [GEOT-6578] - Add optional matchAction (ANY, ALL, ONE) to FilterFunction_equalTo

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