Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 23.2 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-5857] - StreamingRenderer MergeLayersRequest does not execute if one of the layers has a null image
  • [GEOT-6129] - WFS GetPropertyValue requests fail with App-Schema defined feature types
  • [GEOT-6524] - The GeoPackage Plugin does not support long integers
  • [GEOT-6542] - High oversample, with reprojection and rendering transformations can cause improper rendering
  • [GEOT-6603] - ImageMosaic JDBC Index fails when harvesting multiple granules using a SQL Server index
  • [GEOT-6610] - WMTS module uses wrong scale when requesting tiles
  • [GEOT-6614] - WKB FootprintLoader messup when being used by multiple concurrent requests
  • [GEOT-6620] - OTHER_SRS list has duplicate entries for WFS 2.0.0 Layer
  • [GEOT-6621] - Fix tests failings on ImageMosaicPostgisIndexOnlineTest
  • [GEOT-6624] - 16 bits colormap to RGB expansion results into 48bits RGB image which makes PNG24 bit encoding weird
  • [GEOT-6629] - WMTS fails to replace {style} placeholder in getCapabilties document
  • [GEOT-6630] - NullPointerException if WMTS getCapabilities document doesn't have all the ContactInfo
  • [GEOT-6632] - WMTS Metadata parsing tries to internationalize NULL strings
  • [GEOT-6633] - Intermittent failure in gt-wmts testWMTSCoverageReader
  • [GEOT-6640] - DecoratingFeatureCollection does not allow delegating visitors down
  • [GEOT-6643] - Shapefile write fails when encountering MULTIPOLYGON EMPTY geometries
  • [GEOT-6645] - WMTS should replace {Style} not only {style} placeholder
  • [GEOT-6646] - Geopackage raster table with dots/hyphens/special chars in the name cannot be added
  • [GEOT-6648] - WrappingProjectionHandler::accumulate method doesn't support a mixed Geometry typed GeometryCollection
  • [GEOT-6654] - WFS-NG GetFeature GET request URL encoding breaks with ISO-8859-1 strings
  • [GEOT-6655] - Image mosaic STACK merge mode does not work anymore
  • [GEOT-6657] - URL converter "data:" protocol converter accepts any schema without validation
  • [GEOT-6659] - NPE with a LIKE filter, if one of the filter parameter has Object return type
  • [GEOT-6664] - Cleaning up use of Eclipse EMF dependencies

New Feature

  • [GEOT-6605] - Add SqlServer support to ImageMosaic Index
  • [GEOT-6623] - Add support for jsonPointer to SQL translation in a PostgreSQL database


  • [GEOT-6613] - Remove un-maintained ogr-bridj module
  • [GEOT-6626] - Update PostgreSQL driver to 42.2.14


  • [GEOT-6559] - Updating mongo java driver to latest available version
  • [GEOT-6616] - mapGet FilterFunction to get entry from a Map
  • [GEOT-6618] - Add a default User-Agent string to SimpleHttpClient requests

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