Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 23.3 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-6373] - Error in geoserver 2.16.0: " An exception occurred while parsing WKB data"
  • [GEOT-6636] - Raster to Vector rendering transformations can lose nodata values when crossing the dateline
  • [GEOT-6666] - Add jsonSelect and jsonSelectAllFunctions to filter capabilities in Mongo plugin
  • [GEOT-6667] - Add multiband support for Jiffle scripts
  • [GEOT-6668] - JIffle process speedup: avoid raster resampling steps when not necessary
  • [GEOT-6670] - Cannot use jdbcMultipleValue mappings in app-schema plugin for Oracle data stores
  • [GEOT-6672] - gt-jdbc-hana - Spatial filters against views don't always work
  • [GEOT-6674] - Mosaic coverage operation may produce output ignoring input coverage ROIs
  • [GEOT-6675] - CRS.transform(Envelope, targetCRS) fails to include full target envelope if the source contains a polar stereographic quadrant point
  • [GEOT-6694] - ImageMosaic SuggestedFormat improvements
  • [GEOT-6699] - Harvesting multiple files can fail due to CRS checks
  • [GEOT-6702] - GeoJSONDatastore claims to open URLs but doesn't
  • [GEOT-6722] - GeoPackage Double type attributes lose precision
  • [GEOT-6746] - PostPreProcessingFilter indexOutOfBoundsException

New Feature

  • [GEOT-6726] - Add new FilteringVectorProcess



  • [GEOT-6665] - Add percentages computation for StandardDeviationClassificationFunction
  • [GEOT-6697] - ImageMosaic single file harvest results into a directory scan

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