Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.9-M0 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-3331] - KML reflector call without layers returns a cryptic error message
  • [GEOS-6226] - Default Online Resource invalid
  • [GEOS-6400] - Chrome cannot access Geoserver jetty resources
  • [GEOS-6425] - Allow ExternalGraphics reference in WMS GetCapabilities
  • [GEOS-6876] - Shapefile quickstart tutorial needs some fixing
  • [GEOS-6906] - Bad calculation of source Coverage transform
  • [GEOS-7116] - Applying a CRS in Importer clears other found CRSes
  • [GEOS-7206] - Commons-vfs issue on Importer
  • [GEOS-7211] - WCS 2.0 GetCoverage can NPE in case the reader returns a null coverage
  • [GEOS-7226] - Default GML links in Layer Preview page do not work for app-schema layers
  • [GEOS-7230] - gs:DownloadEstimator should check size is less than Integer.MAX_VALUE
  • [GEOS-7246] - The HelloWorld example OWS does not build
  • [GEOS-7254] - Proposals section refers to wrong Links
  • [GEOS-7256] - Maven Cobertura plugin does not work
  • [GEOS-7259] - JMS based cluster should use qualified names for Layers and Layergroups
  • [GEOS-7267] - JMS Clustering should prefix Styles names with workspace
  • [GEOS-7270] - Edges of image with NoData have white artifacts when reprojected
  • [GEOS-7276] - Cleanup sphinx build of user doc
  • [GEOS-7282] - Script-Core: test cases are not passing
  • [GEOS-7295] - OpenLayers preview does not work if authkey community module is enabled
  • [GEOS-7303] - Potential OOM due to SunTileCache under-estimating memory usage for very small tiles
  • [GEOS-7305] - KML support Compilation failure - incompatible types: bad type in conditional expression
  • [GEOS-7306] - Stored Queries don't work on App-Schema layers backed by database
  • [GEOS-7318] - A HTTPErrorCodeException gets ignored when wrapped inside a ServiceException
  • [GEOS-7326] - Shapezip output format fails if the generated shapefile breaks the shapefile size limits
  • [GEOS-7331] - Build failure in FileWrapperResourceTheoryTest.theoryAddingFileToDirectoryAddsResource on Windows

New Feature

  • [GEOS-7033] - Disable advanced projection via request parameter
  • [GEOS-7223] - WPS status storage on common JDBC databases
  • [GEOS-7240] - Add support for perpendicular offset in SLD
  • [GEOS-7294] - Ability to make a Layer Group non queryable


  • [GEOS-7251] - GSIP-134 - Promote multidimensional modules (GRIB,NetCDF) to Extension


  • [GEOS-4972] - Allow the link attribute in a GeoRSS feed to be templated like the title and description attributes
  • [GEOS-5002] - GetMapRequest getTime and getElevation javadoc incomplete
  • [GEOS-5888] - Ability to configure attribution on layergroup
  • [GEOS-6340] - Allow GetFeatureInfo on layer groups if at least one layer is queryable
  • [GEOS-6435] - Add INSPIRE extended capabilities section to WCS GetCapabilities response
  • [GEOS-6605] - Document how to enable CORS Support
  • [GEOS-7200] - Disable snapshots for osgeo repository
  • [GEOS-7227] - Defer bounds calculation during import
  • [GEOS-7231] - add DirectDownload links to CSW records
  • [GEOS-7274] - Add a "Flat" translation mode to CSS
  • [GEOS-7313] - Ability to configure MetaDataLinks on layergroup


  • [GEOS-7248] - Add calculated from srs to layers page
  • [GEOS-7249] - Add calculate from SRS bounds to Layer Group page

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