Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 15-M0 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-4506] - JDBCDataStore initialization not thread-safe
  • [GEOT-5227] - GeometryBuilder setCoordianteReferenceSystem() should be setCoordinateReferenceSystem()
  • [GEOT-5230] - GeoPackage has old gpkg_contents table default
  • [GEOT-5240] - Transforming feature source does not honor naming convention on FID
  • [GEOT-5251] - App-schema can't set string value to complex type extending anyType
  • [GEOT-5253] - Fix readers disposal in ImageMosaic
  • [GEOT-5256] - Implement DataStore.removeSchema on MemoryDataStore
  • [GEOT-5259] - Improve parameters parsing in imageWorker scaling ops
  • [GEOT-5262] - Shapefile reader can throw a NPE when there are no bounds set in query
  • [GEOT-5277] - ImageWorker equates setting background values to setting nodata
  • [GEOT-5281] - WorldImageReader doesn't return prj as supportFile
  • [GEOT-5283] - MemoryDataStore addFeatures() with FeatureReader overrides exiting Features for same type
  • [GEOT-5302] - Unset global/local value for EnvFunction not possible
  • [GEOT-5306] - ImageMosaic footprints fail for geotiff source with alpha channel
  • [GEOT-5307] - When using ImageMosaic with footprint and alpha channel, non-alpha channels are discarded

New Feature

  • [GEOT-5243] - Add support for perpendicular offset in SLD
  • [GEOT-5247] - Add capability to report files composing a store/reader


  • [GEOT-5224] - ArcGrid Extension does not support binary ArcGrid format
  • [GEOT-5229] - Remember table filters per session
  • [GEOT-5241] - coverage-multidim: support time dimensions with different names across datasets
  • [GEOT-5264] - Improve big dataset inserts in DB
  • [GEOT-5266] - Allow specification of style title and description in CSS
  • [GEOT-5267] - Flat translation mode for CSS
  • [GEOT-5294] - Support sinusoidal projection in GeoTIFF

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