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Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 14.1 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-2603] - Encode PropertyIsLike filter 'matchcase' is ignored
  • [GEOT-4722] - SelectionLab NPE
  • [GEOT-5013] - NetCDF reader threading issue in indexmanager
  • [GEOT-5135] - unexpected results using setMaxFeatures on RELATE query w/ DE9IM filter
  • [GEOT-5163] - Some labels not correctly rendered when graphic context is translated/displaced
  • [GEOT-5216] - Labels are not getting painted when direct layers are included in the map content
  • [GEOT-5223] - Applying a SLD colormap does not work against a gray/alpha image
  • [GEOT-5233] - Paged queries return the wrong contents in JDBC data stores when a post filter is required
  • [GEOT-5234] - Cannot create tables with BLOBs in H2 and postgresql
  • [GEOT-5237] - ImageMosaic does not skip missing granules anymore
  • [GEOT-5238] - Black output in image mosaic when requests are hitting a hole
  • [GEOT-5240] - Transforming feature source does not honor naming convention on FID
  • [GEOT-5249] - Allow to mix z-order and compositing
  • [GEOT-5250] - DuplicatingStyleVisitor does not copy FeatureTypeStyle options
  • [GEOT-5251] - App-schema can't set string value to complex type extending anyType
  • [GEOT-5253] - Fix readers disposal in ImageMosaic
  • [GEOT-5254] - repository is gone
  • [GEOT-5256] - Implement DataStore.removeSchema on MemoryDataStore
  • [GEOT-5259] - Improve parameters parsing in imageWorker scaling ops
  • [GEOT-5262] - Shapefile reader can throw a NPE when there are no bounds set in query
  • [GEOT-5268] - DB2 plugin does not store z values for coordinates
  • [GEOT-5270] - Scalability issue in BBOXImpl
  • [GEOT-5271] - JAI-Ext scalability issue while iterating over ROIs, on machines with high number of CPUs
  • [GEOT-5273] - The encode of LineStringPropertyType in GMLComplexType verify the class of value like a point
  • [GEOT-5274] - Badly structured source images can lead to rendering errors when oversampled
  • [GEOT-5277] - ImageWorker equates setting background values to setting nodata
  • [GEOT-5280] - ImageWorker.mosaic output ROI property creation can use too much memory
  • [GEOT-5282] - Mosaic coverage operation fails against coverages having a mix of set and null ROIs
  • [GEOT-5283] - MemoryDataStore addFeatures() with FeatureReader overrides exiting Features for same type
  • [GEOT-5286] - Reading JPEG compressed geotiffs under heavy load can lead to OOM
  • [GEOT-5287] - Render fails to ignore empty geometries in some very specific cases
  • [GEOT-5293] - ImageWorker mosaic can apply a background color that does not exist in the input paletted data
  • [GEOT-5302] - Unset global/local value for EnvFunction not possible
  • [GEOT-5303] - ImageMosaic can read and try to mosaic granules that are not really contributing to the output


  • [GEOT-5153] - Log the full SQL statement when a query fails in JDBCDataStore
  • [GEOT-5229] - Remember table filters per session
  • [GEOT-5241] - coverage-multidim: support time dimensions with different names across datasets
  • [GEOT-5285] - Make ImageUtiltities.disposeImage deeply relase ROIs too
  • [GEOT-5292] - Raster advanced projection handling: avoid mosaicking if only one of the source coverages contributes to output
  • [GEOT-5294] - Support sinusoidal projection in GeoTIFF
  • [GEOT-5301] - Add more checks on dimensions/coordinates/attributes sets
  • [GEOT-5304] - Deep clean WritableRenderedImageAdapter and RenderedImageAdapter

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