Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 15-beta - HTML format


  • [GEOT-4886] - Different names for PK metadata table
  • [GEOT-5260] - [jdbc-spatialite] Error creating FeatureTypes for some SQL Types
  • [GEOT-5291] - Jai-ext: the JAI tile cache still contains some accessory images after full chain disposal
  • [GEOT-5295] - GridCoverage2DRIA can leave border operations in the tile cache without disposing them
  • [GEOT-5310] - UnsupportedOperationException in SpatialIndexFeatureCollection.subCollection(filter) method
  • [GEOT-5329] - XmlConverterFactory: Date is shifted due to conversion to GMT
  • [GEOT-5330] - Transformer.transformQuery() does not preserve sortBy filter
  • [GEOT-5346] - LikeFilter fails with unicode chars (Ñ...)
  • [GEOT-5351] - Typo in XML Configuration Files
  • [GEOT-5354] - ReferencedEnvelope3D.distance incorrect when this.minZ>other.maxZ
  • [GEOT-5361] - Complex feature WFS client breaks GeoServer external WFS data store
  • [GEOT-5370] - Build failure in xmlcodegen with Maven 3.3.9

New Feature

  • [GEOT-5367] - Add a group by visitor
  • [GEOT-5385] - Support Vector footprints on GDAL plugin


  • [GEOT-5333] - Property DataStore does not support removeSchema
  • [GEOT-5356] - Add GetStyles support to gt-wms
  • [GEOT-5357] - Shortcut when querying for global min/max in Solr plugin

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