Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 15-beta2 - HTML format


  • [GEOT-4909] - gt-xsd-core issues when using saxon
  • [GEOT-5298] - Changes in MemoryDataStore breaks MemoryFeatureReader
  • [GEOT-5334] - ClassificationFunction.round suffers from overflow with double values greater than max int
  • [GEOT-5355] - SimpleDateFormat string has MONTH (MM) and Minutes (mm) swapped in GeoPackage
  • [GEOT-5376] - Encoding of SRS for non-EPSG Oracle code on app-schema complex features fails
  • [GEOT-5381] - Speed up rendering SVGs as graphic fills over complex geometries
  • [GEOT-5382] - imagemosaic with multiple resolutions may throw exceptions when attempting to create the layer
  • [GEOT-5383] - imagemosaic resolution value in mosaic property file picks first file found
  • [GEOT-5394] - XPath fails to retrieve gml:id if mapped as ClientProperty
  • [GEOT-5403] - FilteringFeatureIterators return null if you call next() before hasNext()

New Feature

  • [GEOT-5258] - Add compatability for negative date and XDate type in JDBC datastore
  • [GEOT-5396] - Support Rotated Pole projection


  • [GEOT-5402] - Include YSLD in the default build

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