Release Notes - GeoTools - Version 15.1 - Text format


  • [GEOT-561] - JAI dependency in CRS framework
  • [GEOT-5137] - GTopo30Writer can write to ZipOutputStream but its constructor doesn't support this type.
  • [GEOT-5377] - Bin distribution is missing a number of jar files
  • [GEOT-5391] - Raster requests involving reprojection and high oversampling may throw OOM
  • [GEOT-5395] - Build failure in gt-grib with -Dnetcdf.version=4.6.4 or later
  • [GEOT-5400] - FeatureTypeFactory SPI in main module fails
  • [GEOT-5416] - SortOrder.DESCENDING doesn't sort in descending order
  • [GEOT-5419] - WorldFile reader don't release raster file lock
  • [GEOT-5421] - NullPointerException when GridCoverage goes offscreen
  • [GEOT-5422] - jndi fails with jTDS driver
  • [GEOT-5423] - Avoid excess memory usage in vector rendering mode for dense hatches and large target geometries
  • [GEOT-5425] - WKTReader2 fails to read a multisurface with straight polygon elements
  • [GEOT-5430] - ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with PerpendicularOffset
  • [GEOT-5436] - CSS translator significantly slows down when filters test against negative numbers
  • [GEOT-5437] - ECQL parser builds filters with Number objects for positive numbers, but String when using negative ones
  • [GEOT-5440] - Make sure StreamingRenderer evaluates cql expressions in color map before passing them to the rendering thread
  • [GEOT-5442] - GML parsing of coordinates with same separator fails
  • [GEOT-5446] - SimpleFeatureImpl.equals fails to tell apart features with same 2d ordinates, but different z
  • [GEOT-5447] - PropertyDataStore fails to write geometries with 3d ordinates
  • [GEOT-5448] - GML3 parser reads poslist in 3d crs as a 2d one
  • [GEOT-5449] - ContentDataStore throws exception when building an empty ReferencedEnvelope in 3D CRS
  • [GEOT-5450] - ReferencedEnvelope3D.include(bbox) ignores the z component
  • [GEOT-5453] - JDBCDataStore fails to update and delete features with a compound CRS in geometries
  • [GEOT-5467] - In memory evaluation of like filters with empty escape fails
  • [GEOT-5469] - Support multivalued xlink:href ClientProperty
  • [GEOT-5476] - CSS z-index for line rendering works inconsistently
  • [GEOT-5477] - An heterogeneous mosaic of NetCDF may ignore requested dimension values
  • [GEOT-5478] - ExtractBoundsFilterVisitor fails with AND'd DURING filter
  • [GEOT-5479] - StreamingRenderer may NPE if a rendering transformation is fed with a null grid coverage, or return null as a result of the transformation

New Feature

  • [GEOT-5428] - Support NetCDF rotated pole projection


  • [GEOT-4528] - Add subsampling options to RasterAsPointCollection
  • [GEOT-5308] - Support predefined app-schema interpolation properties for mapping file and parent directory
  • [GEOT-5431] - Add documentation for mongodb datastore
  • [GEOT-5434] - Upgrade to NetCDF-Java 4.6.6
  • [GEOT-5452] - Add rotated pole GRIB2 tests

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