Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.10-M0 - HTML format


  • [GEOS-5030] - Time/elevation interval coupled with animated gif format won't result in an animation
  • [GEOS-6146] - Cleanup release data directory configuration
  • [GEOS-6840] - SLD shape://horline doesn't render in application/pdf output
  • [GEOS-7204] - Integrated geofence odd path for db under Windows
  • [GEOS-7457] - Bad System.out.println logging usage
  • [GEOS-7467] - JMS plugin fail to share changes in styles
  • [GEOS-7513] - Demo Request page testing
  • [GEOS-7527] - Windows exe installer fails to start GeoServer
  • [GEOS-7534] - GeoServerPropertyOverrideConfigurer doesn't properly substitute windows paths
  • [GEOS-7538] - Monitoring plugin doesn't log remote user
  • [GEOS-7546] - Large PDF WMS outputs with dense hatch fills either OOM or generate very large files
  • [GEOS-7558] - WMSValidator should use attributes() instead of getAttributes()
  • [GEOS-7566] - WrappedCoverageDimension customizations won't survive a coverage operation
  • [GEOS-7571] - WCS 2.0 NetCDF output fails if only spatial dimensions are present
  • [GEOS-7580] - git-commit-id plugin is run 3 times for each module
  • [GEOS-7583] - Document lost some command
  • [GEOS-7597] - Missing JNA jar in netcdf-out plugin release configuration
  • [GEOS-7601] - Incorrect URL for custom legend graphic
  • [GEOS-7635] - Access styles folder at global and workspace level (using custom StylePublisher)
  • [GEOS-7642] - SSL communication to external server fails
  • [GEOS-7646] - Importing shapefile with spaces in attributes fails for postgis
  • [GEOS-7650] - Can't delete Default Cached Gridsets
  • [GEOS-7657] - gwc-distributed-xx.jar missing in

New Feature

  • [GEOS-7473] - LDAP UserGroupService
  • [GEOS-7516] - Resource Browser (ResourceStore GUI)
  • [GEOS-7526] - Hazelcast/JDBConfig clustering issues caused by HTTP 302 response and unique wicket resource IDs
  • [GEOS-7551] - GeoJson Support for List and Map types
  • [GEOS-7603] - Add support for dynamically choosing jpeg or png compression based on output contents



  • [GEOS-6611] - html docs download index and license files
  • [GEOS-7463] - GeoServer allows for layer specific catalog/services, but not for layer group ones
  • [GEOS-7536] - GeoFence server plugin documentation should make clear that the default behavior is to deny access to all resources
  • [GEOS-7573] - Introduce layout parameters for WMS GetLegendGraphic
  • [GEOS-7588] - Allow to specify the style format in SystemTestData
  • [GEOS-7589] - New ncWMS GetMap extension module
  • [GEOS-7591] - Allow WMTS service requests per workspace (virtual service)
  • [GEOS-7592] - Add WMTS web admin page
  • [GEOS-7593] - Add INSPIRE required metadata to WMTS get capabilities result
  • [GEOS-7602] - Add tests of NetCDF output from rotated pole GRIB2 data
  • [GEOS-7619] - Allow the Wicket UI to show a Server Busy page when updating the configuration instead of locking the server
  • [GEOS-7627] - Support "recurse" deletion of style referenced by layers via REST
  • [GEOS-7630] - Support requiring files to exist for GeoServer startup
  • [GEOS-7649] - Control over execution time separate to total queuing and execution time
  • [GEOS-7669] - Allowing users to select band indices for raster data downloads with WPS

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