Release Notes - GeoServer - Version 2.10-beta - HTML format


  • [GEOS-4883] - WMS + multiple time/elevation + animated gif does not produce an animation
  • [GEOS-7272] - Regression: OL3 preview in tiled mode kills map wrapping
  • [GEOS-7578] - OGR JNI UnsatisfiedLinkError with Java 1.8
  • [GEOS-7607] - wfs-ng MapServer issues
  • [GEOS-7641] - Spatial filter missing from SQL when a rendering transform style is used
  • [GEOS-7651] - Caching Defaults changes don't persist
  • [GEOS-7667] - Error in GeoFence REST documentation
  • [GEOS-7671] - Params-Extractor Plugin context initialization failed
  • [GEOS-7673] - Dynamic Dimension Plugin classes not whitelisted for XML parsing
  • [GEOS-7676] - Importer doesn't pass spring request context to jobs threads
  • [GEOS-7679] - Style workspace not being loaded or saved on style page
  • [GEOS-7680] - Parameter order of dateParse are list in the wrong order in the documentation
  • [GEOS-7690] - GeoServer Style Page - Edits getting lost when switching tabs
  • [GEOS-7717] - Malformed WMS GetFeatureInfo XML response if raster sample dimension description not valid NCName
  • [GEOS-7720] - Importer extension REST module tests contain an applicationContext.xml
  • [GEOS-7725] - WMTS multi dimensional module operations responses always use text/plain as content type
  • [GEOS-7729] - GeoServer Style Page - Field validation messages missing
  • [GEOS-7735] - vector to raster render transform in single layer requests does not use bbox in query filter

New Feature

  • [GEOS-7647] - Add REST entry point to GeoFence for moving rules to a target priority
  • [GEOS-7726] - Adding WMTS multi dimensional community module


  • [GEOS-7643] - Add a function to URL encoded dynamic symbolizer components in external graphic
  • [GEOS-7668] - GeoFence REST entry for querying a specific user is missing
  • [GEOS-7675] - ImageMosaic documentation refactor
  • [GEOS-7678] - Improvement of download estimator calculations for raster datasets with WPS
  • [GEOS-7701] - Add WCS 2.0 demo requests
  • [GEOS-7709] - Improve documentation for raster masking on mosaic
  • [GEOS-7715] - Add CSS nested rule support
  • [GEOS-7716] - Support rendering transformations in CSS
  • [GEOS-7731] - Support of AbstractGridFormat.BANDS parameter for CoverageViewReader
  • [GEOS-7733] - Move IOUtils from gs-main to gs-platform
  • [GEOS-7734] - Support coverage GetFeatureInfo wrapping and shifted native longitudes
  • [GEOS-7740] - JDBCStore incompatible with Hazelcast Clustering extension
  • [GEOS-7766] - Add filter parsing to GetMap POST

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